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  1. JPRanger03

    Show us your 2019+ Ford Ranger

    Hey everybody, I suppose I'll make my reintroduction post, as it's been quite awhile since I've been on the forums. After I sold my 03 FX4 Level II (which I still kind of miss), I had a few different vehicles, including an 05 ST Focus, a 17 ST Focus, and a 95 2WD Ranger I used as my winter...
  2. JPRanger03

    Anybody in Colorado want to save a classic car?

    I may have to make a trip out there, I wouldn't mind saving a classic from the crusher (especially if that car happens to be a Galaxie 500)
  3. JPRanger03

    Neat Article from Ford's Factory Floor

    I thought this was a pretty interesting read, Ford continues to impress me with their new vehicles and implementing technologies like this. Although, it looks like this same system is used by Boeing, John Deere and the Navy
  4. JPRanger03

    Double DIN Sub-Dash Fit?

    I've been looking to replace my factory receiver and rather than going with a single DIN model with the little cubby hole, I've decided that I might want to go with a double DIN for a cleaner look. I usually use crutchfield's website as a reference and on the site they state that sub-dash...
  5. JPRanger03

    New (To me) Level II

    Just picked up this 2003 Level II and I'm definitely glad to have a small truck again.:icon_thumby: [/IMG] [/IMG] The Plans? None really, I may ditch the clear corner side markers in favor of some stock ones, but I plan on having this truck for quite a while so maintaining it and keeping it...
  6. JPRanger03

    New guy from Michigan

    Hey everybody - Just thought I would introduce myself. I go to school at NMU in the upper peninsula of Michigan and I've been looking to pick up a 4wd Ranger in the near future (right now an FX4 Lv II is at the top of my list). I actually owned a 91 2wd Ranger as my first car when I had just...