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  1. WTB: WA - A4LD trans and M50D-R1

    Ah, guess I need to do more research before the swap. I put a '96 4.0 in my B2. I'll add that to my first post. Thanks
  2. WTB: WA - A4LD trans and M50D-R1

    Looking for a couple transmissions for my projects. I need a working A4LD auto for an 87 Ranger with a 2.9 and a M5OD for my Bronco with a 96 4.0 OHV. Somewhere around Puyallup/ Tacoma area in WA.
  3. Ford has a sick sense of humor...

    I think they're having too much fun with this development haha That truck does have a rear trailing arm set up. Wonder if that's part of what they're testing?
  4. 96 4.0 to 90 Bronco II Swap Guidance

    We'll it's been long enough that I should follow up on this swap. I got the engine started the other day. Took for a short drive and this thing has so much more power now! Definitely worth it. I was able to use my complete Bronco II headlight harness and power distribution box. Used the explorer...
  5. Bronco II Trail Toy Project

    Hey, Wanted to start a build thread for my 1990 Bronco II. I found this in Lakewood, Wa for $600! It's an Eddie Bauer edition with a 2.9, manual, and factory D35 front. It's a little rough and has a rod knock, but was drivable. The plan is swap the 2.9 for the 4.0. Add a lift (James Duff Stage...
  6. WA: ISO - 4.0 Powersteering/AC Bracket, Pulleys

    Hi, EDIT : Found one. Thanks! Thanks!
  7. 96 4.0 to 90 Bronco II Swap Guidance

    Good Morning, I was able to pick up a 96 explorer 4.0 for a good deal the other night. Rebuilt about 30k miles ago, good runner, and cheap. What I didn't realize was that 96 explorers had swapped to OBDII and some of the wiring and sensors are different. Unfortunately I only got the engine and...