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  1. MrSchaeferPants

    92 Ranger Ignition cylinder stuck in 'on' position

    Ignition cylinder got stuck 'on/run'. Its happened before but a little wiggle set it free. Today driving home I noticed I had no power to my radio, then noticed nothing worked inside, windows, vent fan, etc. Got home, and the key was stuck on, couldn't turn the truck off so I pulled the fuel...
  2. MrSchaeferPants

    235/75r15 on a 15x8 ok?

    Will a 235/75r15 on a 15x8 rim work fine? I'll just be driving asphalt for a good long time, no playing. Its the cheapest I can find. That's 9.3 or so wide. I've been looking but I also have to get cheap. I'd like a 245 but I'm just not finding any in the same price range. There was one...
  3. MrSchaeferPants

    1992 Ford Ranger 4x4 V6 4.0L 'Old Cliff"

    Edit: 7/15/19: Finally saw that tiny writing saying this section is not for questions. That needs to be bigger :) So I'ma just edit the title and then posts some updates. My intro got a little tech-y so I'll post a few newbie questions. When I bought the truck the temperature and volt meter...
  4. MrSchaeferPants

    Maybe New from AR

    Hi all, Just bought a 92 Ranger 4x4 an hour ago from a wholesale lot. Its not even home yet, just gotta wait till my gf gets off work so I can bring it home. Been needing another vehicle and wanted a truck. Picked it up for $1800 from $2600 listed originally. Pretty darn clean inside and out...