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  1. 99 2.5 gas milage

    Shouldn't a 99 super cab 2.5/auto in great shape with 120 K get better HWY gas milage than 20-22? I'm looking to buy another daily driver (RIP little 88 2.9) and figured I'd get a 4cyl seeing as I drive 400 miles a week. I found a real nice fully optioned 99 2.5 auto (prefer 5spd) for 2,500...
  2. Mustang 2 suspension

    Anyone know of a Mustang 2 front suspension set up for a ranger? I saw the one post on it but there wasn't a whole lot of info. That person used a fat man crossmember but I didn't find one on their website. I didn't come up with anything on a search. If I have to use drop beams so be it but I...
  3. Carb 2.8 intake on 2.9?

    Will a carb 2.8 intake work on a 2.9? Didn't see anything in the tech section, just curious
  4. 4.0 headers on a 2.9

    Hello, all. I bought a set of BBK headers for my wife's 91 Explorer 4.0 4x4 years ago and never used them. My question is would these bolt up on a 88 ranger 2WD with a 2.9? I know from reading FAQ on the 2.9 that the 4.0 is a direct decendant to the 2.9 but didn't know if the exhaust port...
  5. noob with a question

    86 w 2.9. Lost the tach, temp, and fuel gauge. Anyone have any ideas as to why? Circuit board woes, ground? Thanks for any help