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  1. 91stranger

    Made a kayak crate

    Here's my little kayak crate I made and have been adding to it. There's not much about boating especially kayaking on TRS so maybe this will get the juices flowing in some people. I got some ideas from other kayak crates people have made on youtube and I added some stuff of my own that I liked...
  2. 91stranger

    *FOUND* Dirtmans new ride
  3. 91stranger

    anyone familiar with Bose amps??

    So I haven't had any luck searching the ol internet for a good wiring diagram for a bose amp on my envoy. Trying to add an amp and sub to the existing setup. I found diagrams for 05+ envoy's but mine is completely different than that. I know GM blah blah blah go to a GM forum blah blah blah and...
  4. 91stranger

    Need help with a 97 mustang gt 4.6l wont start

    So my wife has had this mustang since she was 16 years old and when we moved we didn't have anywhere to park it right away. Long story short, its been sitting for about 2 years half exposed to the elements (sitting under a second story addition so its kind of covered but still sitting on gravel...
  5. 91stranger

    82 bronco for sale in ohio

    Found this on craigslist. Not sure if it's worth what they are asking but its $500 and broncos are getting harder to find.
  6. 91stranger

    mud truck for sale in central ohio

    I know it's not a ranger but its a small chassis truck. It's got more than $800 in parts, wheels, suspension parts. It's not for me but I figured someone on here might want it. Ad says it runs and drives but no title.
  7. 91stranger

    For Sale 1999 ranger - SOLD

    1999 ranger. 3.0 with auto trans. 126,000 original miles. 2wd. Runs great but needs rear axle replaced. I have a junkyard rear end and leaf springs to go with it. Located near Lexington Ohio. Asking $900 for just the truck or $1000 for truck and cap and extra wheels. Extra wheels are some old...
  8. 91stranger

    Any guesses on who makes this?

    Picked up this old grinding stone from a garage sale yesterday and didn't even realize it had part of it cut out. I tried a bunch of different google searches with no luck. I just want to know who made this for one but I found it quite funny that it says "ass" too. But I can't find anything that...
  9. 91stranger

    Ford tractor ID help

    So I finally got pics of my dad's old tractor. No one ever really knew anything about it other than it's a Ford and you put gas in it. I was the only kid in the family with interest in it. My dad passed away when I was just 11 so I never got to talk to him much about the tractor. I tried...
  10. 91stranger

    There should be a "Farm-n-Garden" section on TRS

    So I see a response about a tractor or farming/gardening almost everyday on this site (ok I'm exaggerating some) but there should be a "Farm and Garden" section on here. I think it would be pretty neat thread with off the wall subjects I'm sure. I have a bad problem of buying chainsaws and...
  11. 91stranger

    I have an idea for you crawler guys/builders

    So I've always had an idea of an articulating 4wd truck. We used to have a 4wd articulating fork lift that we used and it was very nimble and the hydraulic articulation made it effortless to shimmy big 45' 5th wheels around inside a building. I just thought it would be a one of a kind build for...
  12. 91stranger

    how much video can a 16gb micro sd card hold? 32 gb?

    I got a Phreilend hidden camera for $3 but it was missing the micro SD card. I know some of ya'll have dash cams and might be able to tell me if I need a bigger SD card or if a 16gb will be enough. I know16gb is plenty of space for like a camera for pictures but I didn't know how much space...
  13. 91stranger

    who needs this?? Blender with handle bars?

    Just searching stuff about chainsaws and saw this crazy contraption.... A blender, chainsaw, and handle bars so you can cut trees, make milk shakes AND pretend to ride a dirt bike all in one Just don't go reaching for the clutch or may loose your fingers.
  14. 91stranger

    VIN check??

    So I got a friend from work who is selling his Suburban and I was wondering if anyone has access to a VIN checker to see if it had any major accidents and what not. Price is more than fair and it's not from Ohio so it's not rusted out like everything over 10 years old here. VIN is...
  15. 91stranger

    Fixed a broken fishing rod the other day

    So somehow with the mess of Christmas presents that were piling up in my closet for the past few months before Christmas my new fishing pole got broken. It was my fault for not putting it in the garage but somehow the pole got in between my crossbow and must have got moved and broken. Anyway...
  16. 91stranger

    Awesome find this morning

    On my way to work I found a guitar by someone's trash can. I caught a glimpse of it driving by and turned around to see what it was as I thought it might have been one of them cheap rockband guitars that you can't even give away but it ended up being a Kalamazoo KG1 electric guitar. It's got...
  17. 91stranger

    Anyone ran a secondary battery cable to a second battery for an inverter??

    Trying to get ideas for a mobile power center. So I want to run a secondary battery cable to a battery either mounted in the bed of the truck or run the wires to an outlet of some sort to the bed so I can charge a secondary battery. I have a 2000w inverter and I want to be able to charge the...
  18. 91stranger

    power tool battery cross compatibility

    So I'm hoping to get a lot of replies on this topic. Me and a friend were trying to see what batteries will work with other brands. I have a few 20v stuff that he doesn't have so I brought a battery over to see if it would work with anything he had. It didn't, but I'm sure there's some peeps on...
  19. 91stranger

    common brake fitting sizes

    So I'm tired of constantly buying 3-4' pieces of brake lines and fittings and what not whenever I have a leaking brake line. Found a 25' roll of copper/zinc line with 16 fittings for $15. I just don't know what size threads are on a ranger. Anyone know what size threads these are for a 3/16"...
  20. 91stranger

    Anyone know much about older kerosene heaters??

    I have a Toyostove DR-86 kerosene heater that works great but has some issues. This kerosene heater has 2 fuel tanks. The main tank sits at the bottom of unit and then there is a secondary fuel tank that slides in and out for easy filling. The issue seems to be the secondary tank doesn't like to...