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    opinions on what ecu to run with 4.0

    My recommendation would be to use everything from the donor. By the way. The sensor on the exhaust is an oxygen sensor. Not an obd2 sensor. Obd1 and obd2 are types of onboard diagnostic communications with the ECU.
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    In Case You Were Ever Interested in buying a BMW

    I've seen plenty of that from almost any nationality of engineer.
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    Is your Ranger ever "done"? (Journey vs Destination)

    I photographed, documented and sold most of it on eBay. At one point, a gentleman contacted us and we brokered a deal with him for all the unsold items and the layout itself. What a project. Still have a few miscellaneous items I need to sell. My brother and I each kept a few sentimental pieces...
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    Looking for longer shackles

    That is not a public service. You deprived us of some fun. no worry. We’ll find something else.
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    Bolt in swap

    ???? When you mentioned something you called a drive axle with u-joints it sounded like you were talking about what is normally called the drive shaft which connects tje transmission or transfer case to the pinion at the differential.
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    Bolt in swap

    Luck of the draw. You dont have a choice
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    Is your Ranger ever "done"? (Journey vs Destination)

    As long as you include maintenance and repair items, no Ranger will ever be completely finished. Because stuff corrodes, parts wear and seals fail. I doubt that any hobby item is ever completely finished. Thats how hobbies are. I will always be fiddling with my Ranger. When something fails or...
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    01 ranger showing ground in fuse panels

    Does it truly have continuity to ground? Or is it just not powered? There is a difference. Either way, if you are really looking at the constant feed, it should have battery voltage. If not, then yes there is a problem that must be found and corrected.
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    Swapped Electric fan kit, wont turn off. Bad control module?

    My experience mirrors @PetroleumJunkie412 's. I have my switch in the lower radiator hose. Couldn't get it to work at the right temperatures any other way. I think I'm running a 180 or 190 degree thermostat, too. 195 was too high for me. You may have a wiring issue if it runs immediately on a...
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    2.3L ('02-'11) Mystery vacuum leak or something...

    Yeah. But he’ll find some combination of Ford, cosworth, rousch, shelby, bmw, mercedes, kia parts to get 739 hp out of it.
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    General engine diagnostic question

    Maybe the MOPAR is smoking ;missingteeth;
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    ac fan-fuse 27 pass comp keeps burning out

    If you got 0 ohms on the purple wire with it disconnected, then its shorted to ground somewhere. It might have rubbed through its insulation somewhere and is touching something.
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    Do circuit breakers "Reset"

    Finish making all electrical connections, especially grounds before trying to troubleshoot electrical problems. yes, circuit breakers should reset. Some reset automatically when they cool. Some have a button for manual resetting. That is the purpose of circuit breakers instead if fuses.
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    General engine diagnostic question

    if you wish upon a star, Your truck will never travel far.
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    1984 Bronco II for sale at local dealership...will it sell?

    TMU = too much underwear
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    General engine diagnostic question

    Get a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft rag. Wash out the cup holders and then the ashtray. Add new pine tree air freshener to rear view mirror. Do not remove old air fresheners. Turn up volume on stereo. Fixed!
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    Theft Fault Fun! I would appreciate any info.

    Have you tried reviewing the manual for the hornet system?
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    For PJ's Sooper Doody

    I thought Bobby digs the holes and then PJ sends explosives down there to blow stuff up at the bottom of the holes. But then he talks about finding space rocks. I dunno. Its all so confusing.