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  1. ericbphoto

    Oh crap? 97 F150

    Got home from running errands earlier and knew I'd be going out again. So I left the windows open. Fast forward a few hours. Working in the garage. Having a nice relaxing day. Wow. It's raining hard out there! Fast forward another hour or two. Look out the living room window. Oh, no!!! Windows...
  2. ericbphoto

    Return to Normalcy?

    I don't pay a lot of attention to the news. I've been getting almost enough coronavirus updates from here on TRS. A few minutes ago, I got an official communication from work (BMW) that we will be resuming production on May 4 with a slow ramp up to full production. It will be at a lower...
  3. ericbphoto

    What movie tonight?

    So we have a "what are you listening to" thread about music. How about a thread about what movie you are watching or planning to watch? I saw one last night called "The Way Back". It was about a few guys who broke out of a forced labor camp in Siberia during WWII and their 4000 mile walk to...
  4. ericbphoto

    3.0 won't be slow

    I'm going to start this as an engine build thread to document my project. I have a 93 Splash, single cab, 3.0, M50d, 1354e, 8.8" rear, Dane 35 front both 4.56 gears and Aussie lockers. Now it's time to upgrade the power plant. Last weekend I went to Ohio and picked up a '97 3.0l that @racsan...
  5. ericbphoto

    Help finding a thread

    Good morning. I need to repair/ improve my steering linkage. Looking for a thread I almost remember from about a year ago maybe? Whoever it was did an awesome job of scratch building his own “K” style linkage similar to the Superlift super runner linkage you can buy. But he did it with heim...
  6. ericbphoto

    TRS Calendar for 2021

    Hey, everybody! In a recent thread, I mentioned that I had thought about creating a TRS calendar, but the idea came too late to coordinate for 2020. A few others showed interest, so I talked to Jim and he gave his blessing on the idea. I have volunteered to do it. So here is what I am proposing...
  7. ericbphoto

    Nilight 50" LED light bar install with Apoc Industries custom brackets

    Original Poster: Ericbphoto Difficulty: 3 out of 10 Time to install: 4-8 hrs Disclaimer: The Ranger, The Ranger Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and following this how-to you, the...
  8. ericbphoto

    aftermarket stepside bed

    In case anyone out there is interested, I just found this on CL. If I had the extra cash to spend, it would get mounted on my truck. But I have to leave it. stepside bed
  9. ericbphoto

    Great engineering

    Having a quiet morning at work. So I was able to watch the final disassembly of a rather large crane. I'm amazed at the engineering that goes into these things. Not only can it lift up to 200 tons, and when assembled with all it's boom and jib sections can reach a height in the neighborhood of...
  10. ericbphoto

    Summary thoughts

    Hey everybody. I just wanted to share my thoughts about this weekend. Pictures are slowly coming in on the other threads. But there's more than just photos. This weekend was awesome. But it wasn't the weather or the camping or the wheeling that had the most influence on making it an awesome...
  11. ericbphoto

    The Roadtrip begins

    On the road to the trail ride as soon as I get this posted. 5:25am Thursday. I'll be going to see my cousin's near Georgetown, Ohio today. Will continue to the off-road park tomorrow. See ya there!
  12. ericbphoto

    How in the world????

    Ok. So I have a misfire in cylinder #4. It's a 97 F150, RWD, 4.6l. 122,800 miles I thought I would pull the plug and look at it. Well, #4 is in a tough place and that's a severe understatement. I haven't even got the wire disconnected yet. So I tackled #1 to see what I'm up against. With...
  13. ericbphoto

    Anniversary Trail Ride Swap/Sell Thread

    Hey everyone! For those going to the Anniversary Trail Ride, this is a great opportunity for swapping and selling parts without shipping charges. List what you have available here or list what you are looking for. Then we can either answer in this thread or pm each other to confirm the deal...
  14. ericbphoto

    97 F150 in SC

    This will be as a thread to document the used truck I bought Wednesday. Not quite a "build" thread since I don't plan on any major mods. Just a place to gather thoughts and share what happens with it. The facts as I know them. '97 F150 RWD, 4.6l, auto, super cab, short flare side bed, maroon...
  15. ericbphoto

    questions about '99 F150

    Ok. I'm looking to buy something to replace my Mercedes. Found a '99 F150, 2wd, extended cab that looks good in the pictures. 166,000 miles. appears to be a southern rust-free truck. asking $3200. I will be using the truck mainly as a daily driver (about 30miles each way to work, half...
  16. ericbphoto

    2 questions

    Background; '93 Ranger, 3.0L, M50Dr1, 1354e, no cruise. 1. When finishing up my clutch replacement yesterday, I came across an electrical connector near the distributor that I am having trouble identifying. I've looked at electrical diagrams and searched bunches of "mystery wire/connector"...
  17. ericbphoto

    Greeting of the day.

    Merry Christmas, All Y'all! This message composed solely of recycled electrons. Go green!
  18. ericbphoto

    Drag week.

    Thought I saw a Ranger running in drag week this week. Is it a TRS member? I didn't catch the driver's name. This message composed solely of recycled electrons. Go green!
  19. ericbphoto

    '93 ignition switch

    Hey, Y'all. something is wearing out related to my ignition switch. I can now pull the key out in 2 positions. I thought the positions were off and lock. I can click the switch back and forth between those positions without the key. In one position, the door ajar bell still chimes, so some...
  20. ericbphoto

    Tapatalk interface

    Anyone else having trouble viewing TRS on Tapatalk lately? Over the past few days, when I try to view a specific thread, I get a "network error" message. I can see the overview pages fine. But if I click on a thread to open it, I get the error message - most of the time. I don't know how...