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  1. wildbill23c

    Plugs Under Center Of Dash 1987 Ranger

    Does anyone know what the plugs are supposed to be for under the center of the dash area in an 87 Ranger & 88 Bronco 2? On my Bronco 2 the 2 wire plug is connected to something and wires run down under the carpet somewhere, the 2 plugs in the Ranger aren't occupied by anything. What are they...
  2. wildbill23c

    Rear Hatch Handle Replacement, Now How do I lock the Hatch?

    As far as I can tell there was never a lock mechanism in the rear hatch in my 88 Bronco 2....there was a key slot in the original handle but it didn't go to anything, and there's nothing internal on that hatch that locks....anything I can get to secure that hatch? Now that its really easy to...
  3. wildbill23c

    Any Point of Swapping An Axle to get the Limited Slip Differential? 1988 Bronco 2

    Last week I ran across an 86 Bronco 2 in the Pick A Part and a quick check of the door sticker shows an axle code D4 and referencing the section in the tech library tells me its the 3.73 L/S. My current 88 B2 has the 3.73 (Code 44) open there any real good reason for a daily driver...
  4. wildbill23c

    Bad To Worse Coolant Leak From Timing Cover 2.9L V6

    Thought I was making progress on the Ranger it was running good after the IAC replacement, took it out on a drive today and pulled off the highway to a rest area got out and I had coolant pouring out from under the truck. Thought at first the water pump, but it looks like it is coming from the...
  5. wildbill23c

    Unplug Idle air control valve and engine dies (2.9L V6), Normal or bad valve?

    I have an erratic idle, starting to lean towards a bad idle air control valve, if I unplug the valve while engine is running it immediately dies, I'd think it should still idle with the valve disconnected correct?
  6. wildbill23c

    87 Ranger Custom 4x2 No Factory Headliner?

    The 87 Ranger base pickup I recently picked up doesn't have a headliner, so, is that something that was normal for basic trucks back then to not come with a headliner from the factory? It doesn't look like there was a headliner ever in it, no trim pieces above the windshield that would have...
  7. wildbill23c

    1987 4x2 Ranger Tires What Are My Options, Move Up to 15" wheels?

    So trying to figure out tire options on the Ranger I just picked up right now it has 225/70-R14's on it, originally it would have had 195/75-R14's. So since the factory sizes aren't available what are the general recommendations. I have no problem moving up to 15 inch wheels if I have to and...
  8. wildbill23c

    Tow Ratings With Manual Transmission

    So, if you have 2 trucks spec'd the same with the exception of one having a manual and one having an automatic transmission, is the only reason the manual transmission equipped vehicle has a lower towing capacity being due to ease of use not having to shift gears? If the trucks are the same...
  9. wildbill23c

    Because I really needed another vehicle

    Picked this up today...needs a little cleaning, and I believe a fuel pump seems it is starving for fuel at highway speeds, but it does run and drive good when its not starving itself of fuel occasionally. On the plus side its a manual transmission, 2.9L V6, and 2WD. Going to just be the run...
  10. wildbill23c

    1988 Ford Bronco 2, A4LD Safety Switch Location

    Seems the switch that tells the truck its in park is going bad, where is the switch located?
  11. wildbill23c

    88 Bronco 2 Speedometer Cable, What Size?

    Does anyone know by chance what length speedometer cable the Bronco 2 uses with the automatic transmission, and a good place to order one. Seems mine is bad. It would stick at 0mph for a while then jump up to the correct speed...then this morning it did the same except it went all the way...
  12. wildbill23c

    Any Possibility that Jim Oaks may be able to get one of the new Bronco's when they come out to show off for TRS?

    Since Ford was kind and let Jim borrow a new Ranger for 6 months, what's the odds they'll let him borrow a Bronco for 6 months? Would really be cool especially if they come out with the smaller "Bronco 2" again. I still love my 88 Bronco 2 so it would really be cool to see the new ones from an...
  13. wildbill23c

    Receiver Hitch Install, Class II

    So, a couple days ago I had to go to a pick-a-part yard to get a couple items for another vehicle and I stumbled across an 88 Bronco 2 with a class II receiver hitch. Pulled it and brought it home. I didn't get the hardware because it looked to be in pretty bad condition after I got it all...
  14. wildbill23c

    My 88 Bronco 2 is getting a new heart

    I posted over on the Bronco 2 Corral but not sure how many from TRS frequent that page, so I thought I'd post my news on my Bronco 2 on here as well. About 3 months ago (about the middle of July) things seemed to go from bad to worse, I took a back road home which has a pretty long stretch of...
  15. wildbill23c

    1988 Bronco 2 Fuel canister

    What is the fuel canister called on the frame rail around the driver's side seating area? Not the fuel filter but farther back. 2 fuel lines come off the back side to the tank, 1 fuel line comes out the front to the engine. I keep smelling fuel and crawled under it today and noticed fuel...
  16. wildbill23c

    88 Bronco 2 running sluggish

    Seems to lose power going up hills, drives ok on flat ground. At a stop it shakes but once you start moving its fine till you hit a hill then starts losing power. When you take off from a stop it makes a weird chugging/sloshing sound. Can't seem to figure out what its doing. It has started...
  17. wildbill23c

    Explorer or Expedition, What year(s) to avoid

    Ok, so I only have my 88 B2 as my only vehicle kind of looking at something a bit larger with 4 doors that my mom can get in and out of without having to step up so far. Needs to be 4WD for sure. I do need to be able to do some towing of course. Figure 5k towing, so that would put me into...
  18. wildbill23c

    Dual Batteries

    Has anyone installed a 2nd battery in a stock Ranger or Bronco 2? If so where did you install it, and did you use a battery isolator? I've been thinking with the radios and future electrical needs about installing a 2nd battery somewhere but haven't figured out where to do so that it would...
  19. wildbill23c

    Power Inverter Install

    I posted on the Bronco 2 forum a while back about installing an inverter. Got a few responses but updated the other day and haven't gotten any feedback so I'll try here. Has anyone installed a power inverter in their Bronco 2? If so, where? I decided to go with a 2,000 watt inverter, plenty...
  20. wildbill23c

    Will an AC System maintain a vacuum?

    I evacuated the AC on my 88 Bronco 2 a couple weeks ago and the gauges showed a good vacuum and maintained at -28 for at least the hour I left the gauges hooked up. 2 weeks later (today) I hooked up the gauges and they're showing -13. Is this normal for the vacuum to slowly dissipate over time?