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  1. Ramcharger90

    Ford performance T5 Z

    So what are the limitations and perfomance benefits from a T5 Z? I dont know what happened to my T5 it was working great considering the lack of 3rd gear all the time. I think they where not die grinded good enough so it just grinds then goes in. It was a cobbled together turd. But still every...
  2. Ramcharger90

    O2 sensor issues

    So Im using an A9L and a foxbody harness. I got that Ron Francis o2 harness, pinned it the way the instructions said for the year the harness is from. When they are plugged in the truck hesitates and pops and backfires. I can't figure out whats up.
  3. Ramcharger90

    1350 series yoke

    So do they make a 1350 series yoke for a M5OD-R2 or T5 the same length as a 1310 series yoke like the 2.3 rangers with that big damper?
  4. Ramcharger90

    3.4l v8

    So I have a side project a 47 crosley coupe and I was thinking a 3.4l v8 from a Taurus might fit nicely. Obviously we are going to do a custom chassis etc. Has anyone ever made that motor a work in a Rwd configuration? What transmission options would there be? Either auto or manual will be fine...
  5. Ramcharger90

    What does this do? Is it important?

    I dont know what that is for and why would I need it? The M5OD-R2 didn't have 2 plugs truck ran fine.
  6. Ramcharger90

    T5 fluid

    So Ive been seeing alot a guys running ATF+4 in the World class T5 I thought it needed syncromesh or dex 3
  7. Ramcharger90

    Looking for Ideas

    Im putting the T5 in my 90, I have a 89 stx interior in the truck now. Ill probably just get my bucket seat reupholstered and order a mew carpet. The issue im running into is the center console has to go. The shifter is gonna come up right where the cup holder is. I would like something...
  8. Ramcharger90

    T5 crossmember

    What did you guys do with the crossmember and pinion angle for a T5 I have the M5ODR2 in my truck and you dont really have to change anything for that. I couldn't find any clear answers in the tech section. I am waiting for a few things to come in the mail then Im gonna pull the motor so I can...
  9. Ramcharger90

    Link goes to wrong place

    I found a link on the other ranger site to here for a T5 in a 91. It took me to the 2019-2020 ranger tech page...
  10. Ramcharger90

    T5 and an attempt to stay hydraulic.

    So the clutch is messed up on the M5ODR2. I push the clutch in and the wheels keep turning.... so F this noise im gonna rebuild a T5 and put that in. I'm going to try a hydraulic clutch setup I found on another website and here from way back. Parts are 3/4 master for a 90 Ranger 3/4...
  11. Ramcharger90

    90 ranger to cable clutch.

    So the M5ODR2 is a flaming piece of s**t. Im throwing a T5 together from like 3 different T5 parts transmissions. What needs to be done to go over to cable clutch with the rangers pedal? Will a Foxbody cable clip on or do I attempt to get a S/N95 external slave? And use the ranger master?
  12. Ramcharger90

    05 3.5 EcoBoost

    Gonna follow along?
  13. Ramcharger90

    An insensitive question....

    If you are sitting at home during these days of "lockdown" are you really that necessary to your employer? I am only asking for a friend..... lol
  14. Ramcharger90

    Mustang 2/ P71 front suspension.

    Does anyone have any pics of what they had to do to their Ranger to use mustang 2 front suspension. I would like to build a chassis but if I need to cut the frame I'll just do it after the bent part. (After the radius arms) I couldn't find any in depth information on this or even The P71 crown...
  15. Ramcharger90

    2020 tough?

    How tough is the 2020 ranger? Its got a 120 miles on it and the insurance company is going to fix it from what I heard.
  16. Ramcharger90

    3.0 carburetor?

    Looking to see if a 3.0 ever had a carb. Or if any other intakes will fit. Ive heard 2.9 will fit but I didn't think the 2.9 had a carb ever.
  17. Ramcharger90

    Freeze plug popped out.

    So the freeze plug popped out of the 5.0. Has anyone ever seen this before?
  18. Ramcharger90

    Speed calculation

    I'm no Marthamatition..... but im just curious how fast in theory I would be going in 5th gear at 5 thousand rpm. Tire size 215/75R15 M5ODR2 3.73 lsd Any smartly pants out there wanna chime in.
  19. Ramcharger90

    More Bronco hear say.

    So apparently a Ford Dealership in Pa got some info on the new Bronco. It will be available with 3 engine options 3.0, 3.5, and 5.0. Starting base model will be msrp 45k. Now supposedly they have brochures in a box already and the trucks will be available closer to the end of year.
  20. Ramcharger90

    That powder coat look.

    So I need to paint my new intake tubing (not the one in the picture) and my throttle body and spacer to match my intake. I've read about Rustoleum appliance epoxy looking like powder coating but I wasn't sure if that was the case of if someone had any other ideas.