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    Quarintine projects.

    Being quarantined has not given me the free time i thought i would have. Kids, amiright.... Anyways, with the free time i do manage to get I have been working on my two project trucks, ( 88 Nissan HB & 01Ranger v8 swap) but my adult A.D.D. will not let too much get done before I want to do...
  2. Ranger850

    Which columns will work?

    My donor came without a dash or column. Its a 2000 EB AWD 5.0 expo. Going into a 2wd 5spd manual Ranger. I need a column with the shifter. Can i get one out of something like an 07 Explorer or a 11 Ranger, or does it have to be the same type ?
  3. Ranger850

    sway bar ??s

    I have a '01 2wd Ranger Edge with a front sway bar and a '00 Explorer EB 5.0 with a front sway bar. I cant tell by looking and dont have a micrometer. Does anybody know what the difference in the two might be.
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    For uncle billy's Ranger
  5. Ranger850

    looking for a thread

    I'm looking for the thread of just cool pictures. I think it's called " Pic of the Day" or Cool Picture of the day" or something like that. can somebody help me out with a link or correct title to search.
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    Bronco 250
  7. Ranger850

    Your opinions?

    So, this guy over at is putting an LS chevy into his D21. But we were discussing his rear end. Rear axle is out of an Explorer. He was discussing that he wanted corvette brakes, and I mentioned since he had a Ford rear end, why not go with ford brakes, so he did. He got...
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    What the fob? LOL Cant help but laugh.
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    No rear end Expo.

    So I'm going to look at a 2000 v8 explorer today ($250) What I do know is, It does not have a rear end. How hard would it be to get it on a trailer and the 30-40 miles back to my house. It has no tires on the front, but I have some rims/tires I could put on it. But not having a rear end is...
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    My 88 D21

    This is the 88 Nissan Hard Body "D21" This is the day I first parked it in the yard. It was worse for ware. At first glance, It was ugly to say the least. When you got up close, it was even uglier. The Hood and PS fender had obviously been replaced, so it has been wrecked, :poop:, The...
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    Run this vin plz

    1ftrx17l2wkc06796 Dad's trying to figure out if his truck came with PI Heads and aluminum plenum or if a PO did the conversion.
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    Missed opportunity.

    I just saw a new commercial for the F150. The song is The William Tell song for The Lone Ranger show. Now i can't be the only one to see the missed opportunity here. If Ford is going to go through the trouble to get permission to use THAT song, and also having a new product to market, they...
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    2012 5.0 engine
  14. Ranger850

    Carb shifter lol
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    3.0 rebuild?

    is there a "how to" rebuild the Vulcan anywhere, I searched here, but could not find anything. Link would be great, or just point me in the general direction to get started, then I'll Fudge it up from there, lol
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    86,87,& 88 Rangers at my local PNP

    Just an FYI, 3 1st gen Rangers just hit my local PNP. If anybody needs/wants anything I will be going this weekend. Let Me Know if I can help.
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    P0102 P0104 codes 98 f150

    As title says. 98 5.4L F150
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    Air Horn install ???'s

    So I haver the air compressor unit, air hose, horns and a 4 prong relay. No wires. No instructions. Can anybody point me in the right direction to getting this booger hooked up to replace the factory horn on my Ranger. I'm going for the "little truck/big horn" combo, so when I honk, ppl look for...
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    Rock Auto discount??

    So I'm new to this part of parts buying. I generally will try hundreds (sarcasm) of local shops before I go to the web for stuff. At my wits end, and to my wife's suggestion of "don't your online Ranger buddies know where to get stuff like that?" ( I love her) and I immediately thought about...
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    Tjin Ranger

    Thanks @Jim Oaks for the write up on that sweet street Ranger on the home page. Im drooling over that thing. I didnt see mention of price, guess ill jave use the google. Thanks again