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  1. BlackBII

    Ford teases the new Bronco
  2. BlackBII

    Saleen Ranger on Craigslist

    Saleen Ranger on Craigslist
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    '90-92 vs '93-97 4.0

    Looking at parts for my '92 4.0 I noticed that the Clutch kit for the '90-92 4.0 is different than the '93-97. Anyone (AllanD?) know the difference between the years here? The '93-97 clutch kits are cheaper and there are more options than the '90-92. '90-92 LUK 07077 '93-97 LUK 07096 Any...
  4. BlackBII

    BlackBII's white ranger

    Guess who's back? Yeah, I am, you dirtbags. Picked up this little guy over the weekend, 2.3 4wd. No rust, but the interior is crap. Stay tuned for some updates in the coming weeks on this little ranger. :icon_welder: The 1989 Ranger Custom current mod list(May 2018): 1992 Explorer 4.0...
  5. BlackBII

    Fiat 131 build

    Whats up you TRS jerks. Here is what I am working on now. A 1976 Fiat 131. I'm using a 2.5 Duratec inline 4 and will be building a custom frame. :icon_thumby: What it will look like when finished. I have a full bodykit in route from Poland. Comes with fiberglass fenders, quarters...
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    Android app that records speed

    New android app, called Pacecarz It's pretty cool, you can track your speed and then upload it to the website, this way you can prove that you really went as fast as you did, comparing to friends speeds, etc... It's new, and is still being refined, and it's free
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    My NEW Cafe Racer....fighter....whatever

    Don't know if ya'll remember, but I built this XS1100 about 2 years ago. Well, I sold that one and got another. Here is my XS850 3 cylinder. It is alot lighter than my 1100, but not quite as fast, but oh well. Here are some pics of when I got it, and how she looks now. So, in case you have...
  8. BlackBII

    Made this killer bed..

    My friend and I built this for his girlfriend for christmas, 36 hours and maybe $300 in materials Pretty cool IMO. She freaked and almost cried.
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    Utah TRS Banner Thread

    I figured I would start one of these as this banner is approaching rapidly. It looks like it may come west from Colorado, I think we should have a wheeling/banner trade off with all of us from Utah and Salt Lake County. We can meet in the middle...say Corner Canyon. There are some good trails...
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    Car Show Pics

    Pictures from the local car show Many of these cars were painted by my Dad
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    This will most definitely work... :annoyed:
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    What will they come up with next?

    Animals that are bad for the environment....Really? Really?.........Really people? :icon_twisted:
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    Interesting wagons...

    What were they thinking?????????
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    Are you keeping up?

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    Obama wants to go to Mars...
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    Fab skills...

    This guy has them.
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    SHO in an MGB

    Now, im not a fan of these cars, but I thought this was pretty cool.
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    Wouldn't want to be sitting passenger in this collision... Why are newer cars made out of so much plastic?? He had to of been hauling ass, never seen a car cut in half like that! :icon_surprised:
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    Justice is Served