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  1. Ford Ranger with TPS

    I have a 2008 Ford Ranger with the TPS system. It tells you when you have a tire with low air pressure. I bought a really nice set of rims and do not want to buy the new sending units. It is $100 plus per wheel to buy the compatible sending units. Anybody know how to deactivate the system so I...
  2. Flowmaster exhaust

    I have read numerous articles about mufflers that allow an engine to breath better with better performance. Is there any advantage in having a flowmaster muffler or similar added to my 2008 ranger? Will the engine exhaust sound be affected? Will the gas milage be affected?
  3. spare tire

    I bought a 2008 Ranger Supercab 4 cylinder 5 speed 2 wheel drive. I just looked under the truck and realize that the spare tire is one of those small tires. Is there room to replace the spare with a regular tire? Has anyone replaced the spare tire with a regular tire? Thanks for your response!!!!