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  1. 4x4junkie

    Fm-146 reliability

    Oil starvation seems to be an issue with the bearings in the FM-series transmissions (plus the fact it uses ball bearings rather than tapered roller bearings). If you overfill the trans by about a half-quart, helps it live a little bit easier. Ultimately I had the output shaft bearing go out on...
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    4x4 axle end parts question

    Sorry I've been absent for a bit... This would be my guess also.. There were two different styles of axle shaft seals used behind the spindles on these frontends, the changeover year being 1992-1993. The later style seals seem a little bit harder to find (though not impossible), it's possible...
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    If i buy a d28 lift will it work with a d35 swap

    I don't believe so (it didn't 10 years ago when I last dealt with installing one). An oversight for sure. There are some articles in the Tech Library for adapting Chevy (?) brake hoses I recall, though the ones Skyjacker sells are infact good quality.
  4. 4x4junkie

    If i buy a d28 lift will it work with a d35 swap

    Having also installed both myself, my overall opinion actually is quite similar for either one. Both are top-shelf kits (top-shelf as you can get anyway), though neither are without issues and there are other differences between them that will vary my recommendation depending whether you are...
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    If i buy a d28 lift will it work with a d35 swap

    Suspension lifts are not made specific to the axle, they will work with both a D28 & D35.
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    Wanted: Coil Spring Measurements When Installed (Stock & Lifted)

    That looks like it might be closer to 10.5" to me... (you need to measure from each end of the spring). I have nothing on why people said the F-150 springs felt stiffer, only thing I can come up with is psychological (people thinking "oh it's for a heavier truck so it MUST be stiffer"). A...
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    Looking for some input on a dana 44ttb swap

    The D44 gears & differential are obviously stronger, but unless you throw some $$$ at it in the form of aftermarket alloy axle shafts, you likely won't benefit from that difference, being that the axle yokes & u-joints are the weak link on either axle, which are the same on both (Spicer 5-297X...
  8. 4x4junkie

    Road Noise

    I've used a few different greases over the years w/o issue (Castrol Wheel Bearing Grease, Peak Hi-Temp Red Grease, Sta-Lube Hi-Temp Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease, and a few others... Valvoline too I think). The one thing they all have had in common is they are NLGI-2 lithium or lithium...
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    Looking for some input on a dana 44ttb swap

    If you don't mind the tires sticking way out (almost past the fenders), sure, you can keep your stock fenders. You may need to trim them considerably though. Most people go with bulged fiberglass fenders. You might be able to angle the buckets outward and have it work... But no, to do nothing...
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    Wanted: Coil Spring Measurements When Installed (Stock & Lifted)

    Jim, I've never seen a stock coil myself that measured outside of the range of 10.5" to 11.0" loaded. An 11.5" tall coil would not be real far from the maximum the camber bushings would allow (about 1.5" lift, max generally being 2"). Knowing Moog, I suspect this is an error (the spring height...
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    Road Noise

    Yeah I too seem to recall black or dark gray moly type greases being only for CV joints and slip fittings (slip spline on the right-side TTB axle shaft for example). The moly particles can erode the surfaces of roller & ball bearings. My suggestion would be to start disassembling and inspecting...
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    1998 - 200x beds / drop in bed liners

    ×2, The bed & tailgate should be the same from 1993-2011 for fitting a drop-in style bedliner.
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    Wheel and tire sizes

    I would guess that wheel is a 15x8", being it has a 33x12.50 tire wrapped around it and the sidewalls not looking all sucked in like a doughnut. A 245-wide tire will fit that, but I suspect would probably look a little odd... A 15x7 wheel would be more ideal for that size tire.
  14. 4x4junkie

    Manufacture Size vs Other

    215/75R14 should give slightly better MPG than 225/70R14 (narrower tires tend to have a lower rolling resistance, all else being the same). 215/70R15 is a good suggestion if you do go to 15" wheels. Indeed there are many more tires available in this size. Both the above sizes are within 1/2"...
  15. 4x4junkie

    Rear axle/wheel seals on '02 4.0 Supercab Ranger

    This has been an error on big chain store computers that has persisted for decades.(another one deals with front brake & axle parts on '90-'94 4x4 trucks that ask you if your gear ratio is 3.45:1, to which if you say yes, you get '83-'89 parts that don't fit). It's amazing how no one seems to...
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    Off rd work truck re gear

    I think 3.27 gears was Ford's attempt to game the EPA numbers. They probably penciled out on paper to Ford's benefit, but in real life, they just plain suck. Most people who swap from 3.27s (or 3.08 on 2WDs) to something deeper like 3.55:1 or 3.73:1 report a fuel mileage increase all around...
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    Which shocks?

    Yeah both Bilstein and KYB are pretty bad about that... The way I approached this issue many years ago for my '94 was to cross-reference the length of a shock (say Rancho or Superlift) that was known to fit in KYB's catalog. IIRC, the ones I ended up using were also listed as fitting the...
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    Question on Skyjacker 2" Leveling Springs

    There should be no need to replace those bushings, they appear to be the two-piece fully-adjustable type. But agreed, your alignment shop is the problem. I can tell just by looking at your 2nd & 3rd pics the bushing is adjusted wrong (in your particular case it should be tilting the ball joint...
  19. 4x4junkie

    M50D-R1 speedometer gear

    The 1350 t-case out of my '90 has a red 6-tooth gear. I think it's only 1354s that have 7-tooth gears.
  20. 4x4junkie

    TK5 to Mazda M50D-R1 swap?

    1997 was the last year the M5OD had a port for the speedometer cable (2WD).