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    Not for tree huggers

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    DIY Truck camper

    I thought this looked useful.
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    Video of the day

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    A free goat game @Dirtman
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    Songs for the "New Normal"

    Post a song that fits our "New Normal" I'll start;
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    2004 Hyundai Accent ignition switch?

    Had a problem turning the key to off position and also from the off position to start. Jiggling worked up until a couple days ago. New part from dealer is $300. Used part is $125. Can't afford either... Asked at locksmith about pulling pins. They suggested using large screwdriver and breaking...
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    87 Mazda b2600 worth?

    I have a 1987 Mazda b2600 with low km and in pretty good shape. I removed all the emissions vacuum carb BS and put on a 32/32 Weber. It runs good now. What I want to know is if it being "made in Japan" makes it worth more? I have it listed for $2500 Canadian.
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    98 f150 obd2 ?

    I have my old 98 f150 4.6l that lost a cylinder last fall. Its been parked all winter. Put in a fresh battery and it started right up, still on 7 cylinders. I hooked up my obd2 reader and with key on it could find the type of truck and engine etc. When doing a koeo it didn't complete. IIRC...
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    Typical hours on engine?

    My new to me 2006 dodge ram 1500 has the running hours on the odometer. 4400 hours at 200,000 km (124,000 miles). Is that a normal amount of hours for that mileage?
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    Wanted 1993 ranger headlight switch socket

    The socket behind the dash that the headlight switch hooks into. Mine is melted, both of them!... Shipped to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
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    Forced to the dark side

    I needed a truck for work. A friend was selling his and he gave me a deal I couldn't refuse. So now I'm the not so proud owner of a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab 4x4. 5.7l hemi, about to turn 200,000km, mechanically in very good shape. New brakes, front steering gone thru, really good tires, tow...
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    Help disconnect 60pin at firewall?

    I'm trying to disconnect the main big white harness connector at the firewall. I turned the 10mm bolt counterclockwise umpteen times. Maybe its stripped? Should turning the bolt pull apart the connection? Is there a partial turn on the white connector needed? Perhaps I need to get out my...
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    Problems with magic smoke

    1993 ranger. When the headlights are on the magic smoke escapes from under the dash. I pulled the headlight switch and its obvious which wire it is...but I cannot see a color anymore. I do have a parts ranger of the same year but havnt torn into it yet. Here is a couple pics. Can someone tell me...
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    Eco plastic?
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    propane injection - diy?

    I was perusing thru some different websites and ran across some propane stuff. One mentioned an in tank pump for liquid propane efi. Another mentioned aftermarket fuel injectors for liquid propane. I did a quick search and a 20lb tank can range from 20psi at very cold temps to 200psi+ for tanks...
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    AlwaysFlOoReDs fitness blog

    Some background; I’m working around bad knees, arthritis in my left big toe, the left hip, lower back, shoulders and hands, as well as bursitis in the shoulders. I’m 57. I swam competively from when I was 7 until 18. I had a bad car accident when I was 16 and blew out my left knee, fractured...
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    reply box acting up

    When I type in a fairly long reply, the reply box keeps shifting back to the beginning of the post. Its annoying as all get out. I'm constantly scrolling down so I can see what I'm writing. Does this happen to anybody else?
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    An old style parts place

    You know the one. It has a machine shop in the back. I'm lucky, there is still one in my city. You walk up to the front door. The base of the concrete is starting to disintegrate. The windows haven't been washed since y2k. There are posters cellophane taped to the inside windows that have been...
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    Like button ?

    When I first started using the like button with the new forum software there was choices. I could pick between 4 or 5 different emoji. Now all I can do is pick the thumbs up emoji. Anyone have an idea what I did to lose the option to choose emojis?
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    Bought myself a 93 parts truck

    I just picked up a 93 Ranger, 2.3, manual, 2wd, 348,000 km. Motor is toast. I bought it for the manual trans. I have a 2.3 project motor that I need a trans for so I plan on taking 1 of my spare 4.0 4x4 trans and swapping parts. Unfortunately there isn't much left of the body. There is 4 good...