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  1. trail B2

    B2 Weight

    I just thought I'd post this for who's interested. First weigh was 10.5x31 15x8 tires aluminum wheels 2.9 no winch auto trans but with some tools and chains.3460 lbs Second weigh was 10.5x33 tires aluminum wheels dana 35 hybrid front 4.0 winch manual trans the same tool and chains.3760lbs...
  2. trail B2

    diagnosis 4.0 replace

    I have a 93 4.0 in my 86 B2 put it in about 5 years ago.It was using oil and slowing down when I put it in it had 200,000 miles.I found a 93 4.0 on craigs list with 90,000 miles from an accident.I put it in everything plugged in it slipped right in.When I got it in it did not turn over something...
  3. trail B2

    The Truth About Cancer...anyone watching

    My sister in law is a cancer survivor.She is doing well and is getting reconstruction surgery.They put her on a medication that's $8000 a month for the next five years at least.Those prices for life saving drugs are a little disturbing.
  4. trail B2

    Different 4.0

    I had a 91 Explorer recently abandoned on the edge of my property for about a month.I had someone approach me about a five speed which this one had. I found the owner and made a deal happen to get it out of the way.A lot of good parts but I don't need any.My question is I've had a 92 and 93 4.0...
  5. trail B2

    Dana 35 Ox locker or aussie

    I have access to a used Ox Locker out of a Dana 35 Jeep rear end.Would a locker like this work in my 35 TTB front?If it does work and I could get it for about $500 dollars would it be worth the difference over a Aussie?I'm thinking there's more to go wrong but it would be nice to manually lock...
  6. trail B2

    rear dana 35 jeep axle swap questions

    You probably want to put that in because it's the same ratio as the front.I would research that on a Jeep sight You could kinda figure it out backwards.They give Jeepers a lot of problems the axle will start coming out look back and your wheel is out about 4" and you don't move anymore.Also the...
  7. trail B2

    ford 9 wearing out wheel bearings

    I had a 9" that came out of a wreck that ate tires and bearings.You could run a string through the housing and take measurements.Can't think of anyway to do it loaded.
  8. trail B2

    Anyone try P90X Workout?

    If that's your picture I think you should consider diet changes too.
  9. trail B2

    Wrong Forum but need answer.....Axle Question....

    A nine inch has a drop out third member if his doesn't have a drop out it's a 8.8.If his is a 9" you don't have to replace the whole thing you can pull the axles and change the third member that way you don't have to bleed the brakes plus when I change axles the other one always has worn out brakes.
  10. trail B2

    Does anybody know?

    If you put a hybrid 35 on to replace a dana 28 can you use the lock right out of the dana 28 in the hybrid?
  11. trail B2

    Does anybody know?

    I have an original 86 master cylinder i'm replacing it because the reservoir died.I also have a 92 explorer unit with a good reservoir but the reservoir is different and the master cylinder brake line gland nuts are different.Two questions I don't see any way to put in the explorer master...
  12. trail B2

    Brake Questions

    My 86 b2 has A thinner or narrower vacuum booster and I took the booster off of A 93 ranger 92 explorer and they are both thicker at the booster, does any body know the differences and exchange information for these two parts is it all gen 1 and gen2 or what?
  13. trail B2

    4.0 clean fuel line hook up

    converting my 2.9 auto to A 4.0 m50d got it set in there hooking it all in trying to keep things reliable and clean any problems you guys had would be greatly appreciated right now i'm focused on these fuel lines!