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  1. 4.0blue98

    Shift cable at tranny removal

    I'm sure it's on here somewhere but does the cable end just pop off? I'm a little worried about prying too hard on 20+ year old plastic. Trying to diagnose a stiff shifter... 5R55E btw
  2. 4.0blue98

    Fun with a fuel filter

    Fuel filter is stuck. Apparently the previous owner made one fit. I had the lean codes (p0171/p0174) when the weather got cold in the fall and after checking all the vacuum lines, it actually turned out to be the intake gaskets which I just changed and codes stopped except when well below...
  3. 4.0blue98

    Fuel filter removal

    First, 98 4L OHV. I've been a bad owner and haven't changed my fuel filter in about 50k. I tried to get the old one off and am having no luck. It has the all metal quick connects. No plastic tabs or clips or anything. Single line in and single line out. Everything in the filter vicinity is...
  4. 4.0blue98

    Loud humming after using A/C for a while

    I've done a search here and didn't find any related threads so thought I'd start a new one. I've got a 98 4.0 OHV that develops a loud hum after using the A/C (reg or max) for about 20-30 minutes. A/C works great all the time. Compressor cycles like always and no belt squeal (new belt too)...