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  1. 8thTon

    When Did Driving With Emergency Flashers Become a Thing?

    Every time it's a little slippery half the vehicles are driving around with their emergency flashers on. "Hey thanks, I would never have noticed if it weren't for your flashers!" So now in addition to all the things you have to pay attention to there are lights flashing everywhere. We had a...
  2. 8thTon

    Ranger ABS - Is It Just Lousy?

    My experience with my 2WD Edge a daily driver for about a year is that the ABS seems to kick in easily, and when it does the brakes are mostly disabled. I'm trying to figure out first if this is just in my head - have others experienced this? If it's not just my imagination, then why? This is...
  3. 8thTon

    Mileage Drop - Winter Blend Fuel Time

    I noticed about 1mpg less on my fill up yesterday, and that's right on schedule for winter blend fuel. Once you add in colder weather it'll get worse than that.
  4. 8thTon

    Inner Tie Rod Ends - Advice?

    I'm doing inner (and outer) tie rod ends. I got Motorcraft inners with the new boot. I stopped by Harbor Freight and picked up the tool. The instructions say to use hand force only, but there is a 1/2" square hole in the end. I'm worried about putting too much force on the rack - should I...
  5. 8thTon

    This is a Good, Responsive Forum - Thank You to All Who Help!

    I got a reminder that not all forums are as active and useful as this one when I tried to get help on another vehicle. My son's girlfriend got a 2008 G6, which is pretty nice but has a few things to be fixed. One of those is clearly a GM firmware bug in the PCM, and I'm trying to get some help...
  6. 8thTon

    Misfire Mystery

    We had another round or torrential rains and flooding here in PA, and the drive home was rough. I went through one particular deep spot not far from home, and although I went slowly after I got out I could feel a misfire. Shortly after I had a flashing CEL and it barely ran (probably in...
  7. 8thTon

    4.0 SOHC vs 3.0

    The SOHC has always perplexed me - they went to all the trouble to switch to OHC, with all the added complexity and reliability issues of the chain drive system. And for all that they got 2 valves per cylinder, all in a line and perfectly parallel. I'm sure they got better port shapes, but in...
  8. 8thTon

    Is This Cam Synchro a Replacement?

    I posted this yesterday in my other thread when I inspected it, but it got buried. Do the markings indicate it is a replacement? If so why "Remfg"?
  9. 8thTon

    3 Months with the 3.0

    I've had this truck for 3 months now, and done a bunch of stuff to it - none of it major. Brakes all around, front wheel bearings, radiator, fixed the rear window leak, plus a bunch of electrical and lighting stuff. Dealt with loose sway bar links up front and leveled the driver's side torsion...
  10. 8thTon

    End Play At Rear Wheels

    I have just noticed that there seems to be quite a bit of play at both rear wheels. If I jack it up and remove the parking brake I can move the rear wheel in ad out quite a bit. I have not tried to measure it but it seems excessive - you can hear them thunk back and forth. I have never messed...
  11. 8thTon

    Cam Synchro - Not Exactly Accessible....

    I was checking out the territory as I need to attend to this job. Had to get something to stand on, and this is the view I have: That harness may as well be cast iron for all the movement I can get on it. Maybe on a warmer day? Job looks like a PITA. At least the bolt is easy to get to...
  12. 8thTon

    Saw a 3.4 SHO V8 in the Junkyard.....

    Just daydreaming but thought that would be a cool and unusual swap. Probably would fit without too much difficulty.
  13. 8thTon

    Fractured Arm Rest / Console Cover

    I realized the other day that the arm rest on my 2004 felt kinda lumpy, and in fact there was a junk of the plastic support under the pad that was broken right out if it - right where your elbow would go. It took some doing to get the cover apart (there are 4 torx screws under the foam), and I...
  14. 8thTon

    Cleaning the MAFS - I'll Be Damned!

    OK, I admit it - I read about cleaning the MAFS and snickered a bit. But then I read a little more and realized it made sense, so I tried it. I'm pretty surprised in the difference it made in throttle response. I swear the transmission is responding differently too - more willing to kick down...
  15. 8thTon

    Bleeding Brakes with ABS

    OK, I've never bled brakes on any vehicle with ABS. I tried searching with little useful results - can someone fill me in on what is required on the Ranger?
  16. 8thTon

    AZ Duralast Brake Pad Warning

    I recently replaced the from pads on my 2004. I used the Duralast semi-metallic pads as I didn't want ceramic, and they seemed fine. Recently though I've noticed a bit of pull to the left, and that the left wheel is ever so slightly warm when the right is not. I figured there was a drag issue...
  17. 8thTon

    2004 Hood to Grill Rubber Seal Part Number?

    Anyone know the part number for this? Some previous owner cut and mangled it installing a bug guard or some such nonsense. I'm sure I can get one at the junkyard but there's fresh snow and more on the way.
  18. 8thTon

    Overfilled Auto

    I'm still working my way through various issues on my new-to-me 2004 3.0, including having to change a radiator. After that I had to look at the trans fluid level even though I lost very little, and found it to be overfilled. At this point I've taken out about a quart to get it correct. Any...
  19. 8thTon

    Rear Window - Gasket or Sealant?

    I’ve been battling a roof leak which I initially thought was the brake light - it may have been leaking there too but clearly the window was a problem. I bought new barbed plastic clips and got a couple of the nylon sockets at the junkyard, and on Sunday I had just enough time to do the job. I...
  20. 8thTon

    Radiator Replacement Question

    It appears I'll have to replace the radiator in my 2004, and I wondered about the automatic trans cooler. Is the trans cooler normally filled when the engine is off, and will I need to drain a significant amount out of it? Also, any tips on removing the fan?