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  1. cbxer55

    2007 Mustang. New project vehicle of mine.

    Yeah, mine seems particularly peppy. Was looking underneath yesterday and see the exhaust is much modified. Has what appear to be two high flow cats directly attached to the manifolds. Then three inch pipe running straight back from the cats into a large gracefully shaped Y under the passenger...
  2. cbxer55

    Whats in your Ranger's "diaper bag"?

    In all my years driving, all I've ever needed was flat tire stuff and jumper cables or a portable booster battery. I've actually never needed oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, etc. And both items come in handy for me, or anyone else that I may run into with a flat tire or dead...
  3. cbxer55

    clear corner marks and parking light 89-92

    I live in Oklahoma and haven't had any trouble with clears on my Ranger or Lightning. And my Mustang has all smoked lighting with leds in the tails and third brake lights. I have no reflectors at all in my Lightning and Ranger. Never been stopped once. No inspections here either. Yeah, the...
  4. cbxer55

    2007 Mustang. New project vehicle of mine.

    A few more goodies added the last few weeks. Scoops on the side windows and lower fenders. Head light splitters, hood locks, smoked front corner lights, smoked led third brake light, smoked led sequential tail lights. Blacked out the rear side markers since I couldn't find any smoked ones for...
  5. cbxer55

    Whats in your Ranger's "diaper bag"?

    All that gear weighs more than the truck. LMAO!!
  6. cbxer55

    Oil leak

    Mine has had a leak which leaves a silver dollar sized spot for years. It's weird, if I move it from one spot to another without getting fully warmed up, no leak. Drive it til it's warm, park it and leave running, no spot. Shut it off, I get the spot. Only leaks til the oil cools down, then...
  7. cbxer55

    Whats in your Ranger's "diaper bag"?

    As with all three of my four wheel vehicles, milk crate in the back. In that, jumper cables, small air pump that plugs into the cig. lighter, can of fix-a-flat, small jack, breaker bar with the socket that fits the lug nuts, oil and coolant. On more than one occasion, I have come out of work to...
  8. cbxer55

    1987 A/C Delete question: Will the defrost work once the compressor is removed?

    Reality is I drive my Ranger more than any of my other vehicles. Like the old gal. Had it since January 2000. I do my best to take care of it, ac withstanding. It's my bad weather vehicle, and living in Oklahoma, there is usually a lot of bad weather. She got a brand spanking new front...
  9. cbxer55

    1987 A/C Delete question: Will the defrost work once the compressor is removed?

    Fun fact: I never use ac. I'm a windows down driver. Wind through the windows condition the air.
  10. cbxer55

    1987 A/C Delete question: Will the defrost work once the compressor is removed?

    I agree with you. The AC in my 98 Ranger hasn't worked in years. I've never had any problem driving it otherwise, cold or hot. I use heat on a cold window all the time to defog it. Never been a problem for me. But, I am not one of those who jumps in a vehicle, starts it and drives off. A few...
  11. cbxer55

    Going electric....

    I shave every day using good old disposable three blade razors. I've tried lectrics and don't like the stubble they leave. Even the good one my wife (now ex) bought years ago, when I finished with it, It felt like what my face feels like now after 24 hours. You can keep your lectrics. I shave...
  12. cbxer55

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Yeah, fluid level is okay. Changed the fluid three years ago. Check it every time the hood is up.
  13. cbxer55

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Put a new brake light switch on it yesterday. Coming home from work Monday night, noticed people behind me were getting awfully close. Backed it up to a fence, and while they still worked, had to really push the brake pedal hard to do so. But now, I can't get the damn ABS warning light off. I...
  14. cbxer55

    is there a reason my spark plug would explode in the engine?

    Plugs being ejected from the heads was quite common on the first four years of Lightning production 99 - 02. They only had four threads for spark plug retention, and boost would blow them right on out of there. Ford had to up the thread count from four to eight, which occurred in 2003 and 4...
  15. cbxer55

    is there a reason my spark plug would explode in the engine?

    I didn't see anything condescending about his response at all. Maybe you are one of those "easily offended" people. Need to grow a pair. I'd like to see pictures of what a blown up spark plug looks like. Never seen that before. I've seen pics of plugs that broke when removing them. PITA from...
  16. cbxer55

    2003 Ranger 3.0L Mystery Squeal

    Back in 02, my 98 3.0 went through this horrid squealing phase. Belt dressing kept it tamed, but one day the belt broke. I noticed, at that time, the tensioner pulley wasn't in line with the rest of the pulleys. Replaced the tensioner and the belt, hasn't squealed again in 18 years. Did put a...
  17. cbxer55


    My contribution. I didn't take it. Or make it for that matter.
  18. cbxer55

    Is there a ranger year where i have the least chance of getting the “death rattle”

    My 2007 with the 4.0 has 116,000+ miles. There's no rattle whatsoever. Really quiet engine, except for the intake noise. Which I like. I'm totally happy with my 98 3.0, which will have 168,000 soon. Far as I'm concerned, mine isn't under-powered. Towed a heavy trailer from CA to OK in 2002...
  19. cbxer55

    It's hitting home

    I'm not under stay at home orders where I live. I actually had to return to work starting Monday. Thankfully so, was bored to tears staying home. There are 4 million people in Oklahoma. A bit over 1400 have it, a bit over 400 hospitalized. We are talking infinitesimal here. I don't wear no...
  20. cbxer55

    Good but cheep cold air intake

    I don't. I like them and that's a fact. Not afraid of my beliefs. Not for a nano-second.