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  1. deathbypsi

    TRS Trailride truck roll call

    So for the ones going to Southington TRS TrailRide lets see what your planning to bring to wheel Im curious to see how many hardcore wheelin rigs are going to be there vs the milder built trucks. Im bringing Gilligan my 86 Bronco2 Mine is setup with a 5.0, locked d44,spooled 9",35s,Duff...
  2. deathbypsi

    1990 B2 5.0 efi wiring vid

    Never understood why so many people pull out a 2.9 and swap in a 5.0 with a carb when keeping the efi is so easy. My buddy Dan was doing a 5.0 swap into his 1990 2.9 Bronco2 and I showed him how easy the conversion is to keep fuel injection. Dan started with a Foxbody spec {92 mustang} 5.0 with...
  3. deathbypsi

    My vid on 5.0 efi wiring

    Never understood why so many people pull out a 2.9 and swap in a 5.0 with a carb when keeping the efi is so easy. My buddy Dan was doing a 5.0 swap into his 1990 2.9 Bronco2 and I showed him how easy the conversion is to keep fuel injection. Dan started with a Foxbody spec {92 mustang} 5.0...
  4. deathbypsi

    Rocks and Valleys in Michigan Oct 28

    Looks like there are three or four of us Bronco2 guys planning to hit Rocks and Valleys Off Road in Michigan on Sunday Oct 28th. Im going up on Sat the 27th to camp overnite down the street and now leaving til Monday afternoon. We just did a weekend at Bundy Hill Off Road park and had a blast...
  5. deathbypsi

    clearance crossmember?

    In the middle of my SAS on my B2 and I just rolled the EB D44 under the truck and Im wondering about the clearance with the engine cross member. Are you other SAS guys trimming the cross member up some or not? Have any pix if so?
  6. deathbypsi

    86 B2 Swapeverydamthing!

    So I been out of the 4x4 scene for the last 6 years while I been doing race car stuff and I mentioned in a local off road Facebook group I was thinking about lookin for a cheap beater off road toy to play around with this winter. In a matter of a few minutes I was bombarded with guys offering me...
  7. deathbypsi

    Is there manual auto pedals?

    My new 88 drag truck is getting manual brakes but I also have a c4 trans. Id like to have the correct auto brake pedal for the large pad but I also want to correct ratio pedal for the manual brakes. I have only ever seen manual brakes on manual trans trucks. Is this correct or am I not lookin...
  8. deathbypsi

    c-clip elm for Ex 8.8 ?

    Im wanting to buy a spool and c-clip eleminators for my drum brake 95 Explorer 8.8 in my truck but cant find any solid info if anyone makes one to fit the factory 31 spline shafts.
  9. deathbypsi

    1st gen steering column swap?

    Im a big guy and its a tight fit in my 88 reg. cab with my bucket seats. I have always hated how far out the steering wheel is from the dash. I feel like I can steer with my gut better than my hands. Im wondering if anyone has swapped in a different generation column that fit better or one from...
  10. deathbypsi

    Scott Rod door panels?

    I live just down the street from Scott Rod Fab here in Toledo Ohio and decided to pop in the other day to talk to him about some door panels. The panels in my 88 are ripping and curling up on the bottom so they are a distracting eye sore in my otherwise nice interior. In my on going effort to...
  11. deathbypsi

    Ranger #3 build....think Im goin nutz!

    Well looks like Im jumping into another Ranger build which puts me at 3 in the last two years! People calling me insane now. My 88 2.3 turbo drag truck is finished and getting beat weekly... And my 83 5.0 Truggy is getting its finishing touches in the next few weeks.. Soooo why not start...
  12. deathbypsi

    Where all the drag racers?

    Just wondering how many other people here drag racing their Rangers? I goin up a few more times this season to hopefully break into the 11's finally. Whats everybody else got? Lets see some pix,specs and times! I'll go first... 88 long bed,2.3t,Holset HX35,Esslinger D-port,custom...
  13. deathbypsi

    Best roll pan?

    Time to lose my original bumper and I want to put a roll pan on but Im not sure what kind or where to get it from so Im lookin for some advise. First off Im not welding or mudding one on my truck. My bed is mint and paint is only two years old so Im looking for a "bolt on" pan. My truck is a...
  14. deathbypsi

    Odd fitting on Master cylinder

    After I built my coilover hoops I found I couldnt use the stock master with the brake lines coming out the side facing the fender due to clearance issues. Somebody told me to get a new master off I believe a 88 STX cause the brake lines went in on the other side facing the motor. I have the new...
  15. deathbypsi

    retrofitting a 1354e ?

    I just bought a D&D doubler for my 83 Truggy and I want to reuse a good 1354e out of my old 90 Bronco2. I kept all wiring,buttons,controller,etc from the B2 when I parted it out. I would like to install the 1354e behind my doubler so I only have one small hole in my floor pan for the push/pull...
  16. deathbypsi

    Evil twins.....

    Turned out to be a great day to clean out the garage and get things ready for some real wrenchin. I have been waiting a long time to click this was the day!
  17. deathbypsi

    which 3" studs for a Ex 8.8?

    I have a 94 Ex 8.8 in my turbo ranger and need to upgrade to long studs for my Weld wheels my drag radials are on. I see a few different shank sizes listed for 1/2-20 studs so was wondering anybody know off hand which ones fit so I can order them without having to take mine apart first?
  18. deathbypsi

    Master with fittings on other side?

    Im looking for a different master cylinder that has the brake line fittings on the side towards the engine. 83 Ranger truggy Im building and I have a master and booster off a 93 Ranger on it but due to my coilover hoops I wont be able to hook lines up. Looking for something that will swap in...
  19. deathbypsi

    1st gen rocker trim?

    Im building my 83 Ranger into a truggy and it had the stock plastic trim/molding along the bottom of the body. I removed all of it but I only have a cab with no bed. Is this stuff worth anything to anybody cuz I wasnt sure if I should just box it up with the other old parts or see if anyone...
  20. deathbypsi

    SAS coilover users.....

    Im doing a d44 in my83 Ranger and I have King 12" coilovers for it but havent started fabbing up my hoops yet. Wanted to see some other trucks with coilovers and ask some questions to others who have already done this. Post pix please!