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  1. acidh3r3t1c

    4.0L engine swap explorer

    Ive got an almost new 4.0L and tranny from an 01 ranger and just found an 01 explorer with a bad 4.0L will this be a basically bolt in swap or will i run into some problems and if so how big will they be?
  2. acidh3r3t1c

    flat tappet to roller with other issues

    I have a 5.0L from a 90 merc grand marquis im putting in my ford ranger and am using a painless wiring harness. They say to use the mustang ecu from for example 91 ho mustang and i have the one for a manual and what im wondering is how this will affect my firing order since the merc is the non...
  3. acidh3r3t1c

    Fuel supply

    Im getting close to finished with my v8 swap and im now onto fuel line and supply i have ordered lines and fitting to go from my fuel rail back to the tank. My swap in on an 88 ranger so it has the two pump system. I want to go to a one pump system hopefully an in the tank pump. What I'm...
  4. acidh3r3t1c

    Egr and intake manifolds

    I've been slowly working on my v8 swap and i am using a 302 out of a 91 mercury grand marquis. I wanted to upgrade the intake and liked that the intake was on the right hand side with the H.O. v8 cougar intake. I picked up one with injectors and all sensors for cheap. But to the point the egr...
  5. acidh3r3t1c

    2.3 is banging what are some options

    Okay i know this doesn't fit the best but i know its a similar engine to the rangers so i was wondering if you might know what the problem is. I've got an 87 2.3L mustang and it just started knocking pretty loud there wasn't any build up it just started on the interstate. I limped it home and...
  6. acidh3r3t1c

    just bought the second ranger

  7. acidh3r3t1c

    clutch leaks like a siv

    im going through clutch fluid so fast im about to mount the bottle in place of the reservoir and just change out the bottle every week right now im to the point of putting in fluid twice a day and i only average 15 mines of city driving a day this is getting quite annoying this also happens to...
  8. acidh3r3t1c


    im working on my 5.0 swap and ive got a 302 from a 91 grand marque and i want to put a 5speed zf which i already have on it what flywheel would i need to bolt up cause ive tried a couple already from some other 302's and they just dont match up 2 bolts are always off by a little bit
  9. acidh3r3t1c

    just a couple more Q's before i start on the swap

    I've almost got everything i need to start on my swap its currently an 88 with a dying 2.9 with a 3inch body lift and so far ive got a 302 out of a 91 mercury marquis and i found a 5speed ZF manual tranny and a NP transfer case and its going to be getting an 8.8 and dana 35 what should i look...
  10. acidh3r3t1c

    lifting with different different axles

    im going to put in dana 35's and an 8.8 in my truck from a newer explorer or ranger while im doing my v8 swap im not sure yet which and i was wondering what suspension lift kit i should purchase if im going to be replacing the axles say with a 99 explorer rear end and front axles
  11. acidh3r3t1c

    rear end and other stuff

    well ive got a 2.9L 88 4x4 ranger and im doing a v8 swap and i need a different rear end and i wanna know what would be best to match my current ratio in the front like an 8.8 from an explorer with disc brakes or an 8.8 from a ranger with drum brakes and what not i can get any of them for 150$...
  12. acidh3r3t1c

    getting started

    right now im slowly collecting stuff to do my v8 swap on my ranger its an 88 ranger with the 2.9L in it and ive got a 5 speed out of an f250 and a t case out of a bronco which all work together and im just not sure what year of 302 i want and out of what vehicle i just was wonder what my best...
  13. acidh3r3t1c

    bronco transfer case

    i was out wandering the local junk yard looking for good candidates for the v8 swap im not worried about the engine im just not sure which tranny and transfer case to go with but as i said i was at the junk yard and i found a bronco with a np transfer case but im not sure which one it was the...
  14. acidh3r3t1c

    question about compatability

    i found a good deal at a junk yard yesterday it was a 1988 f150 4x4 with an EFI 302 with 5 speed and transfer case for 600$ and i was wondering if it will all fit and i know i will have to put a different oil pan on it and possibly move around the engine accessories but i was wondering if the...
  15. acidh3r3t1c

    transmission question

    i was wondering what the full sized truck manual transmissions were that would work in the ranger cause i wanted to put a new transfer case in when im doing the swap and i wanted to keep my truck a manual