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  1. 1986RangerXL

    1st Gen Steering

    I know these old trucks aren't renowned for excellent steering, but at what point is it a problem? Took the truck out on a highway with some mild turns, and at times I had the steering wheel a full 90 degrees turned, while going 50mph. With a suspension lift and 30in tires, do I need steering...
  2. 1986RangerXL

    Small idle issue

    I'm going to dive into this issue over the weekend but wanted some of your guys thoughts. This might be a dumb question since this is my first standard transmission, but I SHOULD be able to idle in 1st and 2nd gear, correct? The problem I'm having is that while going around a turn slowly (2nd...
  3. 1986RangerXL

    Fuel Issues part 2

    Okay, thought the truck was fully sorted out, took it to a scrapyard to drop off some metal, and it died. And it wouldn't start back up. $60 tow and a fresh battery later, I turned the key and noticed.. fuel pump didn't prime. Test lights confirm no power to the high-pressure fuel pump. It is...
  4. 1986RangerXL

    Wanted 4.10 Gears and 90s Wheels

    Might have to put things on hold for awhile but wanted to throw out a feeler for what y'all have laying around. My 3.27 gears feel rather uninspiring on 30in tires so looking to move up to 4.10s if anyone has them. '93 Dana 35 (non-hybrid). And these weird rims (front one): As far as I...
  5. 1986RangerXL

    Getting the camber adjustment bolt out

    Now that my engine is happy, I have one last major project until I can daily drive it. I have to pull the front end apart to get at the pumpkin gasket. And while it's apart new ball joints and a camber adjustment kit. Problem is one of the POs snapped the head off the camber bolt on driver's...
  6. 1986RangerXL

    Reading codes with multimeter?

    In the tech section of reading codes it says you can use an analog voltmeter to read codes. Supposedly the needle sweeps tell you what code. I am wondering if I could do this with a digital multimeter? Or should I stop being stupid and buy a cheap OBD1 code reader? I know you can run a jumper...
  7. 1986RangerXL

    Centurion Bronco

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I feel obligated to share this monstrosity. Centurion was van and truck conversion company, I believe they worked with Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. Luxury van-trucks and weird stuff like that...
  8. 1986RangerXL

    Need help finding part

    Need some help identifying this part, and where I can order them. Looking for the little black plates on the bottom of the window. I was doing a regulator replacement and found out one plate was loose and another missing Lastly, I am wondering if any of you have had to glue these back on, and...
  9. 1986RangerXL

    Delete 2.9L ECM

    Looking for a working 2.9L ECM for an '86. Computer: E6TF-12A650-C2B Will pay shipping
  10. 1986RangerXL

    Random junkyard finds

    Found some interesting trucks searching for junkyard parts. Yes the pics are horrible but what do you expect. Feel free to post anything you've found First one looks like it might have an STX bumper, the gap doesn't look right though:icon_confused:. It looks like it has the dip in the middle...
  11. 1986RangerXL

    Tech section links

    Under 'Engine Rebuild' in the tech section, '3.0 Rebuild' just directs me to the article on building a 4.0 for power
  12. 1986RangerXL

    1983 Diesel Ranger w/ dual tank (KY)

    Thought this one was pretty nice. I wonder if it still has the 2nd fuel tank. 40mpg and two tanks, might be a good DD (as long as you're not going uphill lol)
  13. 1986RangerXL

    1988 STX Ranger - Michigan

    Thought this was interesting, obviously it's extremely rusty.
  14. 1986RangerXL

    VIN Dilemna

    Long story short: I bought a body with a junked certification to put on my clean-title but rusted out truck. Here in Illinois you are allowed to use parts off of junked vehicles but they can never be put back on the road. In which lies the problem, the vin tags on the cab. I asked the junkyard...
  15. 1986RangerXL

    For Sale Tube bumper $30 OBO

    Located in Central IL, will have to be picked up. It has a small dent or so on the right side, and some rust. $50 OBO
  16. 1986RangerXL

    STX Bumper or custom?

    Okay, I've seen the picture of the STX straight tube bumper on Ford's pamphlet. I could not find any other photos of an STX bumper, does anyone have one?Here's the rear bumper that came with my rust bucket, it looks STX-inspired. This roll bar came with it too, is it the STX or is it...
  17. 1986RangerXL

    TTB Weirdness?

    I will start off saying I have no experience working with suspensions, nor have I owned or driven a 4WD vehicle until I got my Ranger. The issue I'm having is that the body drastically leans when steered one way or the other. (Leans in the direction of the steering.) I know the truck has no sway...
  18. 1986RangerXL

    Fuel issues

    The truck is a 1986 Ranger w/ 2.9, which has sat since 2010. The truck will idle okay for a few seconds, then the motor falls off a cliff for a couple seconds before returning to idle. We replaced the thermostat and now the truck does the same thing until it's been ran for around 10min, then it...
  19. 1986RangerXL

    Sway bar bracket

    I am looking for sway bar brackets for the rear sway bar (5/8) of a 4x4 Ranger. Has anyone found them online? I have found tons of bushings listed but no brackets. Thanks
  20. 1986RangerXL

    Electrical problems

    I have a '87 Ranger with the 2.9L v6. One night I put the battery in backwards and reversed the cables, I noticed the fusible link started smoking and immediately pulled the cables off. No interior electronics or fuses are blown or have any problems. When I use a test light, all the fusible...