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  1. romcjr

    Tow hitch Installed

    Got a tow hitch for wifes truck for Christmas . Hard to believe these trucks don't come with one unless you get tow package ! Took 20 minutes to install and I put the hitch cover off my truck on it .
  2. romcjr


    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to my TRS family !!!! Be safe and enjoy the holidays !!!!
  3. romcjr

    Running Boards

    After getting a price of 800.00 for oem running boards , I decided on the Westin Protrax 5 . My wife is short and this is her truck so I got these for her for Christmas . Pretty easy install except for the fact that Westin marked the boards backwards , (driver side vs. passenger side ) and they...
  4. romcjr

    NEW TO ME 2003

    Recently purchased a 2003 Ranger XLT 4X4 . As I am a diy'er , I like reading through forums where a wealth of info has been posted by it's members for others to use . Hopefully as I learn more about this truck , I can become a contributor as well . I bought this truck to use as a daily driver to...