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  1. problem with an 01 dodge ram

    bro-in-laws truck. been making a funny whining noise in rearend for a while. Well today his driveshaft comes out going down the road. Pinion nut came off. Went to push off the road and it wouldnt move. Hooked it to my truck, drivers rear rolled, passenger side was trying to go backwards. I broke...
  2. 84 Bronco 2 dash

    anyone have a schematic for a 84 B2 dash? Installing new gauges
  3. 2006 F150 5.4 3 valve shuts off

    have a 06 F150 that when you drive about 10 minutes starts running erratic, idle drops very low and then shuts off. No codes. Checked all fuses and relays. Need help please
  4. 2005 Mustang 4.0 issues

    Was recently given a Mustang that my dad got from a friend and had a bunch of work done to it. Car was hit in right front and fender and front bumper were replaced by a shop. The defroster does not blow warm at all is the first issue. A/C works perfect and car does not run hot at all. I live in...
  5. C4 transmission question

    I rebuilt a C4 trans a few years ago and never filled it with transmission fluid. It has just been sitting in my shop waiting. Do I need to pull it apart and resoak all the clutches or is it ok?
  6. Need help 02 Windstar

    I have an 02 Windstar 3.8 van. oil pump went out and ate a rod bearing, no biggie. Pulled motor , new crank rod and main bearings. Bunch of other parts. Heres my issue....cooling fans have no power now and a/c doesnt work. Went through fuses and relays..all good. Checking all wires but...
  7. 95 F150 5.0 vs 84 Crown Vic 5.0

    I have 2 motors, roughly same mileage. Bearings and rings are same for both engines but pistons are different. Would one be any better than other? Im not using fuel injection so thats not an issue.
  8. 2002 Windstar 3.8

    I have a windstar van with a 3.8. Oil pump locked up and I ended up putting a new crank, 1 connecting rod, all bearings,oil pump and water pump. No problem. Problem is with timing marks. Cant seem to find any. Yes I have been through the manuals. I also have a 2000 Mustang with a 3.8, no title 5...
  9. C4 identification

    I bought a c4 auto for my 5.0 conversion. How do I tell what flywheel is compatible?
  10. 84 Bronco 2 5.0 swap

    Been on here a long time.....real life has taken time away from my build. Here is what I have to date.....84 LTD 5.0 short block, GT40 heads from exploder, Edelbrock performer intake with 600cfm Holley vac sec carb. Flat tappet cam with .473 lift intake and .497 exhaust. Block hugger headers and...
  11. Flip front end?

    I have a 84 B2 that I been playing around with and I thought a flip front would be really handy. I have seen some in here but I dont remember where. If anyone has some pics I would like to see them. Thanks
  12. valve covers

    Just got my new 5.0 valve covers. No holes. Question. What is the best, a breather in each cover, 1 breather and a pcv, something else?
  13. Starting back on my v8 b2

    Been playing around with this 84 b2 for a while now and finally have all the pieces to put it together. Started as a 2.9 that was given to me. Pulled the v6 and c5 and started putting together a v-8 and a c4 trans. Will post pics soon.
  14. 03 F150 4.2 v6 no start

    Truck has been down a few months. Checked with scan tool. Screen is blank. Truck turns over fine. Please help
  15. Bronco 2 302 conversion with granny 4spd

    I have been toying around with my b2 conversion for a while now but something always keeps me from finishing it. Happened again. I have an 84 B2 with a 302 and a c4/c5 hybrid tranny. Not a big c4 fan I just came across a late 80s F150 for cheap. It has a 300 6 with a granny gear 4spd and a np...
  16. 1990 Ranger 2.3, hard to start, runs bad

    My son has a 90 Ranger with the 2.3 engine. Fuel pump went out so he replaced it and filter. Good for a while then started missing and hard to start. Had low compression in 1 cylinder so we replaced head gasket, spark plugs and wires and battery. Still no luck. Does it have a MAF sensor and...
  17. My V-8 B2

    Been playing with this one for a while,thought I'd post some pics
  18. another header question

    I have a friend who has a set of full length headers that fit a full size bronco 302/auto. Anybody tried this setup with a b2?
  19. Probably a stupid question but....

    I have a friend who has a set of axles from a early 80s chevy.Is it possible to convert a right side differential to a left. I have an expert welder to do the welding.Is it worth an attempt or has anyone done it or seen it done?
  20. C-4 tranny question

    Putting a 302/c-4 trans in a 84 b2. Rebuilt the tranny using the output shaft from the original c-5 that came in the truck. What transmission fluid should I use? Manual says type H but I have been told different things. Any ideas?:dntknw::dntknw: