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  1. Daniel Black

    Free Radiator and trans.

    I've got a 2.0 radiator and a TK 5-speed removed from my '87 Ranger 2wd. Manual trans radiator and the truck didn't have A/C. The trans worked good but had some leaks. I modified a TK 4-speed shifter to fit it. Still has slave cylinder, yoke and trans mount. Removed for V8 swap and couldn't just...
  2. Daniel Black

    Wanted E303 cam

    I'm looking for a good used FMS E303 camshaft shipped to NC. Paid with PayPal.
  3. Daniel Black

    M5OD-R2 abuse

    How much abuse can the R2 take? Specifically one from a '98 F150 with a 4.2 V6. By abuse I mean, wide open, on the floorboard, stab the clutch and bang it through the gears. The more I drive my truck the more I wish I had an overdrive transmission but the R2 is my only option cost wise.
  4. Daniel Black

    Too much rake

    Is a shackle flip the way to get the back of this truck down? Maybe remove the helper spring from the leaf packs? My truck was a 2.0 but is a V8 now. Maybe V6 springs would raise the front and level it back up?
  5. Daniel Black

    '70s style engine questions.

    I'm hoping there's some people on here that were building motors in the '70s or early '80s. I'm wanting to get that '70s vibe with my 302 even though it's a modern roller motor on the inside. I already have white Tri-Y headers and an old Edelbrock F4B intake manifold. I'll probably find an old...
  6. Daniel Black

    1987 2-speed to 3-speed wipers

    My '87 has the base 2-speed wiper switch but I have a spare column with the 3-speed delay switch. Most everywhere shows the wiper motors being the same so is it a matter of just changing the switch? I've had some first gens with delay wipers but it seems like there was a relay somewhere to make...
  7. Daniel Black


    Does anyone have a picture of a 83-92 2wd Ranger with 275/60-15s on the back? I already have aftermarket wheels. I have 165/80R15s up front and they're a little taller than my current rear tires. Mine is stock suspension, stock height.
  8. Daniel Black

    Anyone know anything about a '64 Comet?

    Working on a '64 Mercury Comet, basically a Falcon. Car was a 260, 3-speed on the column, now 289, T10 4-speed. The problem is it's unusual cantilever transmission mount. Are they different between the 3-speed and the 4-speed. The stock one is too long but I'm hesitant to modify it because...
  9. Daniel Black

    302 or 351W?

    Okay, I already have an older 302 in my 2WD '87 Ranger but I'm going to build a new motor to replace the one I run now. I have a '95 roller cam 351W and a '96 roller cam 5.0 setting in an outbuilding. The 5.0 would be pretty direct swap of course. I'll swap my oil pan, intake, distributor, water...
  10. Daniel Black

    1987 2.3 tach to V8

    Anyone know how to make a first gen 4-cylinder tach read right with a V8? I've seen lots of stuff on later model Rangers but nothing about 1st gens.
  11. Daniel Black

    351W headers

    Does anyone have any pics or recommendations for an off the shelf header to put a 351W in an '87 2wd? Do they exist? I'm already running a 302 with Tri-Ys but I picked up a roller cam 351 and I'd like to run it instead. I use the big bellhousing for a 164T flywheel so that could cause more...
  12. Daniel Black

    Fuel pump help!

    Anyone using the Econoline mechanical fuel pump have pictures or specs on the fittings? Says it's 1/8-27 NPSF. I had a straight fitting I found in an old carburetor but the gas line is in the fan now that I removed the fan spacer after I destroyed the radiator and old fan. I found a 1/8 NPT to...
  13. Daniel Black

    Any machinist on here?

    I've been driving my swapped Ranger for a while now and it runs pretty good. Definitely better than any stock Ranger I've drove but I'm running a pretty much stock carbed 302 and I'm looking for more. I planned on building another 302 or maybe 289 over the winter and swapping it in the spring...
  14. Daniel Black

    Rear gear choices?

    I run a toploader 4-speed in my 2wd 302 truck. This truck is a daily driver. I currently use my stock 7.5 with 3.73 gears and it just feels like too much gear. I have an 8.8 with 3.08 gears and a 4.10 gear set I was going to have swapped out. Ten years ago I'd of went with the 4.10 or more but...
  15. Daniel Black

    No option Ranger?

    My '87 Ranger is a base model truck, but how base? It's a standard cab, short bed 2WD. It was a 2.0, 5-speed. It has MS, MB, no A/C, solid back glass, 2-speed wipers w/o delay, factory radio delete and not even a cigarette lighter, which is something I've never seen on a 1st gen Ranger. It does...
  16. Daniel Black

    Fan hit radiator!!

    I've put almost 300 miles on my 302 swapped '87 Ranger. The other day I really packed it into a left hand turn and heard something rattle, then I saw the steam. Has anyone else had this problem? It had enough clearance the first 300 miles, what happened? I had a basic 1-row radiator from a '90...
  17. Daniel Black

    V8 screwed up alignment

    I've been using my '87 2wd 302 as a daily driver for a while now and the steering was very heavy. My truck has manual steering and still has the 2.0 springs up front and stock suspension. The truck is squatted in the front with the tires cambered in at the top. I figured this squat had the toe...
  18. Daniel Black

    Anyone else using a toploader 4-speed?

    Anyone with a 4-speed? Did you bend the shifter or buy an aftermarket handle? With the shifter on the outside of the trans it's too far towards the left hand side of the cab. My reverse is all the way left and up and I can't even get my leg to the gas pedal.
  19. Daniel Black

    2g alternator harness

    The 2.3 I pulled from my '87 for a 302 swap had a brand new 2g alternator on it that I want to reuse but it wont reach. The 2.3 mounts on the drivers side. I've heard V6 Rangers had the alt on the pass. side. Is that true? What years had the 2g alternator and will the harness plug in to the main...
  20. Daniel Black

    R2 slave to '87 master cylinder

    I'm putting a 302 in an '87 Ranger that had a TK-5 speed. My first choice was an '80s F150 bellhousing with external slave cylinder and a 4-speed but I can't find one of those bells anywhere for a decent price. I found an M5od-R2 out of a 2wd 2003 F150 with a 4.2 V6. The deminsions look pretty...