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  1. BrendenP99

    3.0 Lifter Retainer "spider" Wanted

    Hey I'm looking for a 3.0 lifter retainer "spider".
  2. BrendenP99

    3.0 Roller Lifter Update from Flat

    Hey forum, Lucky me found out my 1991 3.0 vulcan block is a f2de casting. Originally came with flat tappets. My thought is I can update it by putting in a roller cam, roller lifters, roller push rods and lifter retainer "spider". rocker levers are same part number so I can reuse mine since they...
  3. BrendenP99

    Dana 30 Steering Connect

    All is good. At first I actually picked up a ranger 2wd passenger side tre and screwed it in the xj steering link sleeve and it fit right in the ranger pitman arm. I used that for a while then I ended up actually getting a gm 1 ton steering from RuffStuff and reamed out the knuckles and pitman...
  4. BrendenP99

    Transmission Swap Years

    Hey so I have a 1991 Ranger 3.0l manual and converting to 4x4 from 4x2 I'm in need of a Transmission. Do I have to get a 1991-1994 transmission or will any newer year work? OBD II was introduced in 95+ so I don't know if they use the same switches or not such as clutch safety switch my gut tells...
  5. BrendenP99

    Dana 30 Steering Connect

    I wanted to know if anyone has done this. So I have a 1991 ford ranger 2wd and doing sas with Dana 30 from a 92 xj non cad. I wanted to know if I drilled out the 2wd ranger Pitman arm and welded in the standard tie rod insert from if the xj drag link would then connect? Would...
  6. BrendenP99

    Brendenp99's Build Thread

    Finally decided to give a build thread for my 1991 ford ranger xlt 2wd. Got my truck july of 2014 and been using it as a daily driver since and just fixing problems here and there and giving the truck a little more lift. The truck came with 158,000 miles when I got it. It has the 3.0 slow in it...
  7. BrendenP99

    New To The Forum And From Utah!

    Hey everyone Im new to the forum but excited to be here. I have a 1991 2wd ranger 3.0L manual. This is my first truck I have ever had and so far enjoying it. My plans are to get it to a good ride height so it can handle alot of off road type terrain but trying to keep it into a everyday driver...