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  1. chewy012

    Wheel resale opinion

    So i just scored a deal on some tires with rims that I can't use. What do you guys think i can ask for them? 15" x 8" American racing rims, jeep lug pattern 5x5. I figure no one on here is in the vicinity to make a sale, so I figured i'd get resale opinions.... Thanks Sent from my VS988...
  2. chewy012

    A quick vent about word choice.

    A MOTOR is a device with a single moving part comprised of some magnets and wires that converts electric potential (aka magic) into rotational kinetic energy. An ENGINE uses a hundred or more synconized and balanced moving parts to convert chemical potential into heat and ultimately, through...
  3. chewy012

    F150 302 supercharger

    So i just pucked up an M90 blower for 80 bucks... Couldn't pass it up. I'd like to throw in on the ol' 302. There's a pay by the day/month machine shop in town so i'ma try and make my adapter plate. Is anyone familiar with these or built your own adapter plate? I'm really excited, so far...
  4. chewy012

    Slave cylinder went out. Fuuunnn

    Lost the slave cylinder yesterday just as I got to my destination, 80 miles from home. Slave cylinder gushes from the wheep hole at every pedal pump. I was able to get outta downtown denver with only 1 clutch application and back into my town with another 2. Boy howdy, how I can't wait to do...
  5. chewy012

    Oil flushing, cons?

    I've read about throwing seafoam, diesel, atf, or other high detergent oils, additives to flush and clean the oil system. Looking for opinions, On a high mileage (200k+) vehicle thats never been rebuilt, with modern gaskets (post 1990), is there a risk of washing out gaskets and giving...
  6. chewy012

    Fuel Gauge tomfoolery

    So i've got a '94 f150 4x4 with the dual tanks. My I don't drive that many miles, so I typically rotate the tanks vs. filling both up amd then going a month between fill ups. Anywho, I filled up the mid ship tank the other day and the gauge went straight to E, which is not where I left it when...
  7. chewy012

    F150 milky fuel out of the filter

    Changed the fuel filter on my '94 f150. Clear fuel came out of the outlet, tilted it back and amd Brown murky gunk came outta the inlet. Not sure what caused the murkiness but, it looked gross. Anyway, thats all.... Haha Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  8. chewy012

    If you've ever had "stuck" fuel lines

    I'veread a lot of post with guys (gals?) Having a helluva time getting fuel lines off. Don't always put so m much fair in the build quality of you're fuel line removal tool, the scissor type. I had to drill mine out to the proper diam. After struggling with it for 30 min..... Too much slag...
  9. chewy012

    1994 F150 5.0 missing wire connection

    Just snagged a 1994 F150 with a 5.0 as you might've guess't. I found a connector that don't connect to anything, but can see inside where the wire used to be. Anyway, does anyone know what it's for? I tried attaching a picture. I saw it in a google pic that had two wires going in, and one...
  10. chewy012

    Has this ever happen't to you?

    When you pull the tranny and replace clutch, throw out, flywheel and rear main, and then all of a sudden, 2000 miles later the oil pan gasket, oil pump seal, and filter adapter all start leaking.... I made a basket that I fill with kitty litter that I bungied up to the frame rails. I may...
  11. chewy012

    Tonneau Cover Opinions

    I'm thinking about getting one.... Do you people who have them like them? Do they help on fuel? I have a '92 2wd extended cab. Thanks! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  12. chewy012

    4.0 :)

    It snowed about 6 inches in the last 12 hours here in Colorado. Been in the single digits every morning for the last week or two. Truck fires up every time. Gotta love a reliable steed. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  13. chewy012

    Starter stuck on, that got exciting.

    Holy shit, I've never had that happen before. So I go out to start the truck and fires right up, but there is this awful nasty noise coming from the, transmission? Damnit, my new throw out bearing exploded! Press the clutch pedal, feels normal, shift gears with the clutch in, feels good...
  14. chewy012

    Headlight lens cleaning

    Just threw some elbow grease on the ol' headlight lenses and they turned out pretty good. I tried kinda all the DIY methods out there in the internet. Mine had condensation on the inside, which made them foggy + the UV corrosion on the outside. I tried soaking the lenses in vinegar but that...
  15. chewy012

    M5OD question...

    I have a 2wd 1992 4.0 with a M5OD. The confuser always pulls a code for "not in park/neutral". Do all generations have a neutral position switch/sensor? I just had the tranny out an did not see an unpluged connectors... When I pull't the tranny, it was just clutch line, speedo, and reverse...
  16. chewy012

    M5OD tail shaft

    Doing the clutch here next weekend. The drive shaft doesn't have a flanged connection to the tranny. Is it just a splined slip shaft that pulls out? Also, if so, does the tranny need to be drained? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  17. chewy012

    Crank Repair Sleeve

    Getting ready to do the clutch and rear main on my '92 2wd 5sp. 4.0... Does the rear of the crank typically groove? It's leaked as long as I've had it, so 65,000+ miles. Engine/tranny are both at 265k. Just placed the order and had an after thought about a speedy sleeve. Their like $25, is...
  18. chewy012

    CB antenna ground

    Just put a CB in the ranger. Mounted it to the bed tool box, which is bolted to the bed, which is bolted to the frame.... Which is bolted to the battery. Is that a good enough ground? Should I run a wire straight to frame? The antenna is only a 22", but it sits above the cab line by 6-8" in...
  19. chewy012

    Homemade Headers?

    I just got a welder for cheap, and I was thinking about trying to build some headers for the ranger for shits and gigs. Anyone ever built a set? I can't find where the tech articles are on the phone app, does anyone have a manifold template? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  20. chewy012

    Steaming the Cylinders

    Anyone do it? Where ya suck water in through the intake to clean it out while running. I just tried it, we'll see how she runs. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk