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    Sweet. Quality stuff
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    what coils to use???

  3. 4.0B2

    what coils to use???

    Get me the numbers and I'll help you out. When I get on my ipad or laptop tonight or tomorrow night I'll search for the post from Legoms with the explanation of how it works. It's in my build thread somewhere
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    what coils to use???

    If you know your compressed height, uncompressed height, and spring rate... You can figure out the other number.
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    what coils to use???

    Now on SAS, you may be okay with a softer rate.... Idk.
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    what coils to use???

    Do the math and you can figure out exactly how much it'll compress under the weight of your rig. 240 sounds right but idk about the height exactly.
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    what coils to use???

    I tried 6" XJ coils but they were Rough county and only 110ppi and WAYYYY to soft. EB coils have a better rate for most of us at 180ish ppi
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    ARB Lockers for $380 NEW....

    let's just say has ARB lockers for $377 for the d35 and 8.8..... d35: that "fits" the 92 ex, Meaning it's for the TTB 8.8 31 spline...
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    Are drop shocks needed...?

    if they say this... IMPORTANT: PLEASE LIST YOUR MAKE, MODEL, YEAR, AT CHECK OUT ALONG WITH HOW FAR TRUCK IS LOWERED AND WHAT COMPONENTS. they are gonna send you shocks for your application... they will be shorter than stock.
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    Are drop shocks needed...?

    If you shorten the space between the upper and lower shock mount by using shorter coils, how can the shock be the Same?
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    Are drop shocks needed...?

    I may be wrong... But every vehicle I've ever dropped, the stock shocks were to long for the ideal length needed.
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    Are drop shocks needed...?

    if you drop it.. you need physically short shocks, period. if you lift it.. you need physically longer shocks. Stands to reason... if you don't, you might be bottoming them out and blow them out from over compression and stuff.
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    EDC Gear Review: Kytex Gear Mag Holster more specifically I have this one: If you want the one word description: Awesome. :icon_thumby: I ordered one after seeing it shown on Mr. Colion Noir's...
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    dodge 1500 solid axile

    By the time you buy the Hub kit for it... You could buy the ford 44
  15. 4.0B2

    dodge 1500 solid axile

    Possible, all except the hubs, yes. But why? There are better options out there.
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    4bt Sport Trac, Aluminum Gooseneck, B2 Trail Rig... Yes I'm Jealous check it out :yahoo::icon_twisted:
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    Want to start just a general thread on Every Day Carry. I've found out recently that I'm addicted to EDC type stuff. I always find myself looking at carry gear and different items that people carry. What type of items do you carry every day? and how do you carry it? My EDC: iPhone 5...
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    My 1st AR-15 Build

    Just "completed" my first AR-15 build today. This road started almost a year and a half ago with the purchase of a Patriot Defense Stripped Lower as part of a group buy. Couple months later I purchased the CMMG Lower Parts Kit, and it sit like that till about 3 weeks ago. 3 weeks ago I found a...
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    D60 vs. Rockwell

    rockwells are the real budget axle, when you talk strength to dollar ratio... personally, I'd do 14 bolt rear and 60 front.. but personally I'd build a crawler before a mud rig to.
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    there is a Monroe fitman book floating around... measure the length you need, use that fitman book to see if the hardbody shocks will work for you.