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  1. 7.5L_STX

    My new toy!!

    Bought My ol mans mud truck :D its a 1990 F150 XLT Lariat, 78,000 Original miles on the body and about 12,000 on the motor. he bought it brand new after high school drove it for quite awhile with the I-6 and at 66,000 miles decided he needed more power! on to the nitty gritty: its running a...
  2. 7.5L_STX

    Need Some legal questions answered please.

    Hey guys, I recently sold an f150 that I had for about 2 months, never gave the truck a good once over cause I kinda just stumbled into it and drove it daily. Well I've been working out of town since I sold it and received a text yesterday from the buyer that it has a crack in the frame right...
  3. 7.5L_STX

    Paying it forward! Free 88 parts!

    Ive had lots of help from this site over the years so i figured i would pass on some kindness. I Have an 88 extended cab, 2.9, auto 2wd. Going to the scrap yard Thursday or this weekend. It runs (thanks to adsm08) so most everything underhood is intact, and the interior is intact. If ya need a...
  4. 7.5L_STX

    Ignition switch?

    Ignitions busted out of my new 88 ranger and I want to just setup a toggle switch for the ignition and a push button for the starter. My question is what do I need to do? I'm not familiar with the steering column at all. Any helpful pointers is welcomed! Sent from my DROID RAZR using...
  5. 7.5L_STX

    Getting back in a ranger, parts needed. Blah blah blah

    Should be in parts wanted but nobody goes on there, so here it is. Gonna sell the Chevy and get behind the wheel of a ranger again, picked up an 88 2wd extended cab for 200 bucks. Has the 2.9 and automatic, its remarkably solid for the age and area it came from, the only problem is it had a...
  6. 7.5L_STX

    best deal youll ever find!! :D
  7. 7.5L_STX

    2 quick questions involving R&P sets

    about to order a set of 4.56s to replace the ones i destroyed on the old mans truck. gotta buy yukon($$$$) and i noticed that theyre 30 dollars cheaper on TRS than Randys ring and pinion. and neither sites answer my questions. now my questions: 1. if i order from TRS, do they come with any...
  8. 7.5L_STX

    pics of my carnage today..

    got a little too throttle happy, dammit. blew up the diff and T case in my dads truck. thank god the gears look to be OK, theyre yukon gears with chromoly shafts, friggin expensive. gotta get a new t case and i think we have a new 3rd member in the shed. heres the truck:
  9. 7.5L_STX

    Made a big Boo Boo, need some answers.

    well today started off great! my dads selling his mud truck cause of some financial problems(91 f150, 460, D44/9") so i took it out for a little rip, tromped on it too hardand long story short, i grenaded the T case and rear diff. so what i need to know is, what T case came in the 91 F150 with...
  10. 7.5L_STX

    Havent Died Yet!

    hey guys, havent been around in a while. my internet access has been kinda spotty to say the least lol. i quit my janitor job and became a truck driver. one short month of school and 3600 dollars later, here i am, driving a giant orange turd for schneider. now, i did all this hoping to make...
  11. 7.5L_STX

    My 2001 400EX Build thread!!

    so a few weeks ago i got this 2001 400ex for basically nothing. heres what it looked like when i got it: i traded 150 bucks and a 351W and tranny that i got for free for it. came with everythin, the only catch was it came in boxes lol. the first thing i did was get it running: during this...
  12. 7.5L_STX

    I think i did Good.

    I traded this: For This: i think i got the better end of the deal, the 400EX is in pieces. the engine needs all new gaskets but its a fully built race engine. it came with a 416cc kit and the big 440cc kit. stage 3 hotcam, full LRD exhaust, ported and polished head but obviously it needs...
  13. 7.5L_STX

    Whats My best bet For Rear leaves??

    as im getting deeper in my build im doing a little of everything at once so i dont get burned out on it. im trying to decide what to do about the rear leaves, i want to keep it about an inch or 2 lower than it is now and only want to use 1 block....Suggestions? for referance:
  14. 7.5L_STX

    D0VE-C i need them and are they worth it?

    so i got a reply to my craigslist ad today, the guy has a set of D0VE-C heads that he wants 300 bucks for, they need to be milled and they need rockers which is alright cause i ordered roller rockers today anyway :icon_twisted: Pics: are they worth it? i have til the 19th to decide, as...
  15. 7.5L_STX

    procomp electronics? good/Bad?

    so im thinking about running an igniton system using all the procomp electronics products. anybody ever use this company before? heard anything bad/good about them? they look like a decent product but want to make sure they aint a pile of shit lol. and for the purists who are just gonna say...
  16. 7.5L_STX

    ive gone to the dark side....i think

    since i cant get that mustang im going to test drive this on saturday:99 WJ Grand Cherokee 4.7L lifted if all goes well i will have it by monday.
  17. 7.5L_STX

    goin to the bank tomorrow.....

    to "try" to get a loan for a fox body.... its got a BUILT 351W with a 5 speed and its clean as hell....its sick. i seen it on my way home from work and locked up the brakes on the highway and had to go look at it. the guy wants 4500 for it. im gonna offer 4000 for it. wish me luck cause i...
  18. 7.5L_STX

    got a free 351

    my neighbor has a big ol box van from his old construction business. hes scrapping the frame and cab and he says if i help i can have the engine and tranny and anything else i want. so heres what i know: its a 6th gen body style (80-86) it has the 351 as far as i can tell it ran when he...
  19. 7.5L_STX

    The 460's gettin a rebuild!!! input wanted.

    so im finally rebuilding the 460....duh lol im ordering this gasket kit: JEGS Performance Products 210385 JEGS Gasket Sets This ARP bolt kit: ARP 555-9701 ARP Engine & Accessory Fastener Kits And (maybe)this oil Pump: Melling M84D Melling Oil Pumps my question to you is, do you think i...
  20. 7.5L_STX

    not a religious guy but.....

    one of my sisters friends from school just died in a car accident about an hour ago...he was only 18. i seen the accident after it happened on my way to town. the cops had the road blocked off and i didnt think anything of it at the time. then when i got home my sister was in tears saying that...