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  1. 1990 Ranger with 4.0?

    Thx you for all your help
  2. 1990 Ranger with 4.0?

    It was the 8th going on lil sleep , was up most of tge night thinking this was a 2.9 ....bou i feel dumb....and also plug wires were crossed ....Running alot better but the map does need vacumn correct? Its idling better gonna change the plugs who knows how long it was driven like that. Its...
  3. 1990 Ranger with 4.0?

    Thx you for the diagram First i notice the map vacumn isnt hooked up, i was gonna see if i could find a way to test this The firing order now that i have the diagram I will check fuel filters then the maf Thx you again for the help
  4. 1990 Ranger with 4.0?

    Thx you 7th letter is a x
  5. 1990 Ranger with 4.0?

    I tried to leave the page and it automatically replied. As i was saying , when you search 1990 ford 2.9 or 3.0 or 4.0 when people are discussing it . they keep referring to a distributor not coil pack. I have googled for 2 days and until i changed year and put in 4.0 i couldnt find anything...
  6. 1990 Ranger with 4.0?

    My apologies i havent been able to find one article saying that it was available. I am going by every google search i have done . im not at all saying
  7. 1990 Ranger with 4.0?

    Not sure why my pictures didnt load
  8. 1990 Ranger with 4.0?

    Morning everyone thanks for adding me. I recently purchased a 1990 Ford Ranger for $400 to start a project. The truck runs really rough misses has no power, so as I started to try to diagnose it and this being my first Ranger I kept looking up for the 2.9 liter V6 and it just didn't look right...