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  1. howlinghuskie

    first gen battery relocation

    It's probably a long shot and not sure that this is the right place for it but has anyone relocated the battery on a first gen? It's right about where id like my intake to be with the 5.0 swap. I'm thinking about just moving it back slightly to where the air box used to be on the 2.9
  2. howlinghuskie

    v8 swap with m50dr2 and 4406

    Hey guys havnt been on here in quite a while but I recently picked up a 97 explorer I'm pulling the 5.0 out of. Anyway I'm planning on a m5odr2 with a 4406 manual t case anyone running this set up? Looking to see how the shifter fits the floor. Also is there anyway to run my first gen a/c with...
  3. howlinghuskie

    87 5 speed clutch pedal switch wiring

    So im getting tired of my cruise control not cutting out with the clutch so i was wondering how the two switches are supposed to be wired. I found the green wire for cruise control with the jumper however it doesnt seem long enough. Is it wrapped around somewhere or is there an extension wire...
  4. howlinghuskie

    fm145 throwout bearing issues

    so i think my throwout bearing is going bad again after 10,000 miles about just like the last one. the last one was a duralast one i think that came with the slave but the new one was a brute power one. are we doing something wrong? or is it just my driving? or is it just bad/ cheap parts...
  5. howlinghuskie

    8.8 swap driveshaft issues

    So i plan to swap in an 8.8 for the 7.5 in my 87 supercab. Ive determained that my driveshaft will not bolt up to the new axle. I cant swap yokes as i believe i have the smaller u joints. I cant do a 1 piece swap as i have an fm145 so the one piece would be to short. I cant afford the $300+...
  6. howlinghuskie

    howlinghuskies "frankenranger" build

    Better late then never lol decided it was time to start my build thread. Ill try to bring it up to date as best as i can but theres already alot done to it and still more to come. To start with i got the truck from my grandpa on trade for a topper for a long bed chevy half ton. Its an 87 and...
  7. howlinghuskie

    87 spring questions and bumpstops

    I have an 87 super cab that the front end is sitting to low for my liking i dont want to do spacers as im sure 24 years hasnt helped much. THe truck also rides like crap and its stock but i think that may just be bad rear shocks and maybe even bad front shocks. The bumpstops are maybe an inch...
  8. howlinghuskie

    Rear hitch options for 87

    Are there any hitches that i can bolt on that wont require an open end wrench to drop the spare tire if i ever needed it? Right now what i have for a hitch is really more of a "drop hitch" that is bolted to the bumper with a bar going to the bolt on the spare tire carrier. I might be able to...
  9. howlinghuskie

    connecting 6 speakers to an aftermarket headunit with 4 channels and rear line out

    is it possible for me to hook 6 speakers up if i connect the 4 factory ones to the regular wiring and connect the two new 3 way 6x9s (they were free) to the rear line out connected through a cheap amp? The headunit is a JVC KD-S630. Other wise would i be better off keeping the factory speakers...
  10. howlinghuskie

    87 ranger speaker questions

    ok so i pulled one of my back speakers to see if a 6x9 will fit only to find a label that says premium speaker on it so i just checked the other back one and it says nothing i also checked the little compartment in the dash and all thats there is the electric shift stuff thats no longer needed...
  11. howlinghuskie

    6x9 in 87 ranger super cab

    can i fit a 6x9 in the back speakers in my 87 ranger super cab? i was given 2 matching roadmaster 3 way 6x9s each in its own enclosure. im aware its not he best but hey its free lol so will they fit in the speaker holes or will i have to leave them in the enclosure and just mount that?
  12. howlinghuskie

    1987 Manual Transfer Case Wiring Questions

    Im confused on the connectors for the 4x4 lights. One my 87 ranger that had an electric 1350 i found the 2 wire connector for the lights. However the 87 Bronco 2 that we got the manual 1350 from there is no 2 wire connector for the lights its tied into a larger connector i believe. Is this...
  13. howlinghuskie

    Looking for someone to help with modifying bumper

    I am looking for someone that is able to help me with cutting and rewelding an aluminum bumper off an old Jeep J10 so it will fit well on my ranger. I am attaching some pics of it in front of the original bumper. I would prefer it to be someone near Green Bay. I would be doing the work except...
  14. howlinghuskie

    29 inch tires on 87 supercab 4x4

    How much lift will I need in order to run a 29x10.50-15LT TSL Thornbirds? The truck currently has a car 215/75R15 and the door tag said it came with 205/75R15 the speedometer is right on so the gear was probably changed. I know Ill have to change the gear again. Also will the axles still be...
  15. howlinghuskie

    converting 87 xlt to stx

    im not sure if this is in the right place but what would i need to do in order to convert my xlt into a stx? its a 87 super cab that now has a 5 speed, manual 1350, and 89 seats
  16. howlinghuskie

    Plastic Ranger Script door plate

    I'm not sure what there called but any way on my last trip to the junkyard i got a set of those plates that clip in to the cab under the door on the newer rangers. Any way i want to put them on my 87 ranger. I know ill have to figure out a way to mount them (im just going to cut the tabs off...
  17. howlinghuskie

    92 Door Handle Cable Swap Questions

    I recently bought two nice doors off a 92 ranger to put on my 87. One of the doors was completely gutted other than the outside handle (which i later found out was broken) and the window parts. The other door was complete. I am putting in the latch from a 87 Bronco 2 parts truck in the one...
  18. howlinghuskie

    1987 Ranger 1350 Manual dash lights

    Where are the wires located for the dash lights for the 4wd and 4 low? Also what color are they? I swapped the electric 1350 that was in my truck for a manual 1350 and want the dash lights to work.
  19. howlinghuskie

    second gen door panels in first gen with vent windows

    I have a 1987 Ranger Super Cab that I am trying to swap in the door panels out of a 89 ranger. I already have the inside handle and the armrest bracket in. What do I have to do to get the top of the door panel in place? I removed the felt from the door panel as the felt is already on my door...
  20. howlinghuskie

    1987 Touchdrive switches

    Is there anyway I can get rid of the switches without losing my map lights other than installing an explorer overhead console? Also does anyone know what colors the wiring are that go from the manual shift transfer case (1350) up to the dash and where this wiring would be on my 87?