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  1. Throw out bearing upgrade M5ODR2

    Who has done an upgraded hydraulic throw out bearing in a M5ODR2? I'm not a fan of Thor stock setup I've had brand new ones fail me. Haven't teied this yet but it would be worth if if they last. Good thing is it's rebuildable too.
  2. 2.3 svo turbo swap? 96 ranger?

    I've been collecting parts for my 302 swap on my 96 ranger have almost everything for the swap a few things left like headers, motor mounts, little things like that. Then I stumble across a rebuilt svo mustang 2.3T with everything including a Stage 2 clutch, T5 trans, harness, everything to make...
  3. M5od-r2 swap

    Ive looked can find any info. So heres what i have going on bought a m5od-r2 4.2 out of a 2001 transmission for my ranger what clutch/flywheel do i need to use for my 302 swap?
  4. Floor shifter 4r70w

    Change of plan on my build. I picked a 2wd 1997 Ford Explorer with a 4r70w looking at converting my truck from a manual to an auto. What shifter can I use not wanting to install another steering colum. I've been looking at a B&M hammer shifter...
  5. 2.3 not start spray starting fluid it runs

    Ok here's what I have going on 96 2.3 checked the timing belt/timing is good. Checked for spark has spark, replaced tps (didn't read right on my ohm meter ) checked fuel pressure 38 psi. Spray starting Fluid in the intake starts runs tell gone the a dies. I was just going to Let the truck sit...
  6. Look what I found T5 shift adapter

    Was looking at transmission setups today found this gem is kind of spendy. Btw I don't work for these guys just thought I would try to help someone out.
  7. Tremec TKO 500 who runs one??

    Im in the planing phase on building my ranger 1996 extended cab short bed. I'm looking at a Tremec TKO 500. I've had people tell my a world class T5 will hold up to a turbo 302. Who has installed a TKO in a ranger? I will be installing a mid shift kit so shifter won't be in my center console.
  8. My 1996 F350

    Hi guys here is my Pride and joy my 96 f350 with a 12 valve cummins in it. I built it 3 years ago but its a work in progress. I use the truck as my daily driver.
  9. Figured I would introduce myself.

    Long time fan of the ranger haven't owned one tell a few weeks ago. I enjoy walks on the beach and candle light dinners with my dogs. :D Ok so all joking aside I've from time to time lurked on here for the past 10 or more years dreaming of building a ranger but other projects have gotten in the...
  10. 96 ranger to 96 explorer 5.0 question

    Just picked this ranger up a little bit ago. Found an explorer 5.0 what all do I need to make The fuel injection work with this truck? (1996 ranger with a 2.3 manual trans ) btw I will be keeping a manual trans in the truck. Thought about doing an Aod but I think a standard is fun to drive so I...
  11. How do you test TPS 1996

    Ok so I googled how to test the tps on my 2.3 found some info about it. Tested the old one didn't read right so I ordered a new one installed it same thing not reading right.
  12. 2wd ax15 302 swap

    Has anyone done a 2wd ax15 with a 302? I know Novak makes an adapter to this trans. Just picked a 96 short bed 2wd up trying to decide what trans I want to run. Btw truck will have a fuel injected 302 with plans of a turbo in the future.