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  1. Shran

    Up size 5 x 4.5 to 5 x 5.5 Adapters

    I have those adapters on my crawler on the back so that it matches the bolt pattern on my front axle (FS Bronco D44, 5x5.5 pattern.) You do have to really watch and torque the inner lug nuts often and correctly, use blue locktite, and I had to cut the lug studs off because they are too long for...
  2. Shran

    Uh oh. Another would you thread

    Nope... no way would I convert it. For $12k you could buy a nice 4x4 truck of the same year as yours and be able to buy off the shelf parts to fix it easily. If you REALLY want something new, wait a month or so until the dealers are hurting from this virus deal, I think it will be a buyers...
  3. Shran

    Electronic Transfer Case Motor Diag

    I'm copying this directly from the 1996 Ranger owner's manual: To shift from 2H to 4H: Stop the vehicle and engage the manual locking hubs by turning both hub lock selector knobs clockwise to the LOCK position. Move the transfer case shift lever straight back to the 4H position. After both...
  4. Shran

    Electronic Transfer Case Motor Diag

    Wut I've never met a manual shift t-case that you can't shift on the fly. Especially in a Ranger, 2H->4H or vise versa is totally fine while moving. Going into 4L requires a stop no matter what.
  5. Shran

    Electronic Transfer Case Motor Diag

    Tap into the big orange wire right at the transfer case harness connector with everything hooked up, and get a voltage reading off that when you push one of the buttons. You should be getting battery voltage there. There is a troubleshooting checklist you can go through and it involves testing...
  6. Shran

    Ford Respirators and Ventilators

    Maybe they'll make IV bags too... one could say that they literally bled Ford blue at that point
  7. Shran

    Why cant I find a 2.3l replacement pass side exhaust manifold?

    I imagine you could use something similar to that method, but push it backwards through the tailpipe. It would leak past any exhaust valves that are open but if you have enough smoke in there it might push out of somewhere else too if there is a leak.
  8. Shran

    Why cant I find a 2.3l replacement pass side exhaust manifold?

    I don't see where he mentioned emissions testing at all? Three points for you to consider here: 1: Emissions testing is a reality that many in this country cannot avoid and CT appears to require testing on anything anything newer than 1992 at this point 2: This is not an emissions issue...
  9. Shran

    Frame rehabilitation for ~$500 on Black Betty

    Pacific Northwest/California is the best source of rust free vehicles IMO. Very little to no road salt and it doesn't get hot enough there to sun bake the interior. That's the problem with vehicles from the southwest, it's so hot that any plastic/rubber materials just rot away to nothing in...
  10. Shran

    Why cant I find a 2.3l replacement pass side exhaust manifold?

    Sometimes the fuel injectors will sound like a small exhaust leak. Rule that out first. I suppose you could try to smoke test the exhaust and EGR plumbing, that'll tell you for sure if it's leaking where you think it is... but even a new manifold may not fix that completely if the flange on...
  11. Shran

    Energy Suspension Tranny Mount (too tall?)

    I don't recall how close the t-case was to the body on any of my Bronco II's, it's miles away on everything else I have now. I agree with sno, I'd be checking body mounts, especially the rear ones. You should have way more clearance than that.
  12. Shran

    Energy Suspension Tranny Mount (too tall?)

    Is it possible that your OEM trans mount was just squished down from age, thus the height difference?
  13. Shran

    Frame rehabilitation for ~$500 on Black Betty

    That's impressive, good work on the repairs. We have road salt out here but they are a little more judicious about it and some counties don't apply much at all. My old '96 Ranger came from Minnesota. Body was very nice but the rear spring hangers, shackles and gas tank straps were rotted...
  14. Shran

    HD Clutch = stiff pedal?

    Dunno if I'd think into it much. I have five Rangers and one Explorer at the moment, all 5 speeds, and the pedals all feel different. More resistance (to a point) is usually a good thing, it indicates to me that the hydraulics were bled correctly when they were replaced. They are really mushy...
  15. Shran

    M5OD technical question - 30 vs 36 tooth 5th/reverse cluster

    After comparing the clusters and related parts, I went ahead and attempted to use the 30t cluster. It appears to work perfectly. I will note that the 5th/rev shift fork is also different so you must use the one from the 30t cluster, the 36t shift fork's pads are thinner by roughly 1/8". I...
  16. Shran

    Dana 35 TTB regear and possible Posi upgrade question?

    Some Jeep D35 parts will work, others will not, rear Jeep D35's are low pinion axles and our TTB front axles are high pinion. So certain carriers, lockers, etc will work in either but the gears themselves will not. IFS Rangers (98+) also have D35 front axles but they are different than the TTB...
  17. Shran

    Ford NP205 Twin Stick

    :wub: That's so cool. I had to work my way around one rock in particular and my truck is so long...basically did that same thing, I didn't even have to hold the brakes though, just turned the wheels all the way and let it claw the front over. I think my Explorer crawler rig is going to have an...
  18. Shran

    Failed fan clutch question

    I've had them fail both ways. The one on my old '96 failed ON, huge lack of power and it was very loud. The one in my old '89 failed OFF, and became obvious when the truck would get hot at stop lights and immediately cool off when moving again. The clutch on that one would just free spin and...
  19. Shran

    Ford NP205 Twin Stick

    Great work... factory 205 shifters are a dime a dozen and that method is an excellent option. If your budget allows and/or you're just a lazy dirtbag like me, JB Fab makes a whole kit. It requires same same shifter rail mod or replacement (I replaced mine, it was easier, and they ended up...
  20. Shran

    1984 Ranger. Toyo 5-speed hydro comment replacement and line help

    Oh. Yes. Definitely not the correct master cylinder. There was never one of those in a Ranger to my knowledge, they all have a remote reservoir. I'd return that, it was probably an error on their end.