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  1. Denisefwd93

    bolt heating via induction

    I've seen them in action at the shop I go to Actually thinking.. worth the cost? one trip to a shop to have bolts loosened would be nearly as costly I'm sure. wild spread in pricing. shop guys & gals, whats your take on them? low...
  2. Denisefwd93

    Pintoed rangers

    Do I even want to consider going back to a four banger? I really like v6 power would have a V8 in another economy But I get really frustrated looking for 4.0 v 5 speeds in two-wheel drive, ( they really aren't plentiful in this area), I'm almost embarrassed to say because I once had a 72 pinto...
  3. Denisefwd93

    3.8 ohv

    Most commonly found in mustangs I realize this is not a ranger engine,. sorry if this in the wrong spot, just wondering about this engine, I've always wanted a mustang I don't know that I'll get one, but I like to do my research,. every now and then I see 5 speed 3.8 for sale in my area...
  4. Denisefwd93

    95, 3.0 $1300

    Super cab same as my truck basically. but it's a 3.0 5 speed 2 wheel drive. 208 on the od, Do I even want to look at this? I sent him an email it's a dealer that deals sells low priced vehicles he says the frame is "okay" I do love the super cab but I really don't need four wheel drive and all...
  5. Denisefwd93

    2nd gen front bumpers

    Wondering what to do if anything... Did I see plastic "bumper covers" on lmc? ( Will go look) Also wondering about newer explorer and ranger bumper "retrofitability". 🤔🤣
  6. Denisefwd93

    Watch your shipping costs!

    I ordered four items from ------- shipping was $35 I almost had a stroke! within 20 minutes I was on the horn trying to cancel i. one of the items was shipped already, l Ike -------, I'd like to be a loyal customer, but when you're in a situation where every penny counts and you can get...
  7. Denisefwd93

    Yakima Q25

    Only people that are familiar with Yakima rack systems will know what I'm talkin about. And I believe they're being phased out, but I found q25 clips for my Q towers, They are listed as the ones for the Ford ranger cab, and I believe they go behind the weather stripping above the door...
  8. Denisefwd93

    Pervasive advertising!

    I recently downloaded and was using Firefox which I've been using on my desktop for many years, it works, but it really slows down my cell phone I mean so slow I couldn't really use it. But it stop almost all advertising with the adblock plus download that is an add-on to Firefox Anyway I'm...
  9. Denisefwd93

    Headliner, supercab, all day job??

    Went on a spending spree I got my headliner fabric! Cost me a whole $20 at joanns 😱 It looks to be a rather time-consuming job, pulling all the panels and trim. I've done headliners with my son on smaller vehicles, If y'all know any shortcuts for job let me know! They make replacement...
  10. Denisefwd93

    delete function missing?

    I made a double post wanted to delete.. seems that I can't
  11. Denisefwd93

    Ford Tough! (But not today)

    Yee Haw! Oops!
  12. Denisefwd93

    Attachment link missing??

    On post like this "attach files"shows but on some of my new and ongoing threads the "attach files" function is missing from the bottom of the page! I don't understand that!
  13. Denisefwd93

    front coils

    I haven't found it but I'm looking for what the stock height would be with the original front springs on my 94 four wheel drive 4.0. I'm aware of the washers to give a slight lift in the front but it seems to me it's the same amount of work as replacing the front springs although the cost way...
  14. Denisefwd93

    4.0 OEM air intake parts, Wanted SE PA

    93- 97? mine is a 94 4.0 Manifold air duct, airbox plate for the duct, vacuum damper motor, air duct to intake from rad support, AND the rubber intake hose from air box to Throttle body! I don't want to buy a "cold air intake"
  15. Denisefwd93

    Is it possible to have no PS fluid leaks?

    I've never seen a Ford ranger without fluid oil all over the pump,reservoir and the hoses, I have a set of hoses that will get installed "someday" pretty sure my return hose is leaking. but! where does it leak when you have the truck up jacks and you move the wheels left right and back? I...
  16. Denisefwd93

    usb in consol

    On my long list of things to do, I want to install a USB receptacle in the console so I don't have wire hanging from the dashboard and getting hung up on the gear shift. I'm thinking the power source can be from the power seat circuit? also thinking if it's inside the console cell phone can...
  17. Denisefwd93

    94 cruise cntrl

    it doesn't work, Now that I can actually spend time driving my truck, I'd like to start checking out the cruise control. , First questions, I don't remember seeing a brake pedal switch, would they be separate? or is the brake pedal switch dual purpose I haven't a really started looking yet.
  18. Denisefwd93

    2000 explorer seats fit?

    Please say yes! I've been searching for so long! Found a set less than 10 miles away! Eddie Bauer model
  19. Denisefwd93

    Rear shackle mounts 🤔

    My question today is; were the original rear spring mounts done with the shackles on top? The shackles are on the bottom of nearly every picture I see. Although they're rusty, they have been replaced and there's bolts on both, of these should we flip them side-to-side when we do some other...