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  1. lpdizzydawg

    Good bye 2.5 hello 3.slow

    Well its been a while since i have had time to post, but i have since sold my reg. cab 2001 2.5 and bought an 01 supercab 3.0. I had to have room for my new system :headbang: I have bought 2 punch p1 12s and 3 punch p1 10s, i have all 6x9 pioneer 3 ways in all doors along with pioneer tweets in...
  2. lpdizzydawg

    2.5 maf sensor compatable with 3.0?

    ok i have just bought my 2nd ranger now owning two. GO ME lol j/j. anyways both are 2001s, well i just bought the 3.0 2months ago and on start up in the lot it was a horrible idle and strugllled to stay alive, i figured it just hadnt been started in a while. as i drove it off the lot on start up...
  3. lpdizzydawg

    New front end!

    As anyone can see i am a new member to this site (only a month old or so) I have had my 2001 ranger for about a year and a half, i could not pass up a 2001 ranger with 18000 miles on it! it was a rental truck from RSC and was a plant truck. when i bought it the tranny was slipping bad bad. thats...
  4. lpdizzydawg

    Edge front end on 01 2.5

    Hello guys i need to know if the Edge Front end consisting of the hood grille fenders with flares and bumpers will be a direct swap on my 2.5. i do understand that the fenders will my main concern is the grille hood and bumper. i want the beefier look for my truck. i am about to undergo a HUGE...
  5. lpdizzydawg

    2.5 to 5.0 swap

    I have a 2001 ranger with a 2.5l, and i am wanting to swap the 5.0 exploer moter in it. i have heard that it is a direct swap plus the harness of course. i need to know how true the information is and guidance into the direction i need to go with this swap as far as if i can direct swap the...