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  1. Is the Blue Driver ODB2 dongle worth $100?

    Anyone have one? Is it worth the $99 price tag?
  2. 93 Ranger 3.0 standard xlt no fuel

    After the hurricane here in Houston my truck no start. It has no fuel pressure in the fuel rail. I am just starting to troubleshoot this. I am looking at the schematic at BBB industries and am just wondering if anyone knows where the: inertia fuel cutoff switch is on a 93 ranger. Thanks...
  3. Throttle Cable woes on 93 with obsolete part number

    I have a 93 XLT 3.0 Manual trans Ranger with a bad throttle cable. The plastic parts where the cable connects to the throttle body have broken down and crumbled away. The ford part is F37Z9A758K, which was discontinued over a decade ago. 92 and 93 non CA rangers use the same cable. I see...