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  1. kroussinoffroad

    Another Rev limiter question. Want to lower it

    Soooo. Winter wheelin up here requires a lot of different driving styles from crawling tryin not to break through and on the occasion doing some drift busting with pedal to the metal. there are often times when I run at or very near the Rev limiter. Typically i never start off running rpm's that...
  2. kroussinoffroad

    Wheelin in the Dirty White Boy

    We were the only rig out of the 5 that wasnt a jeep (Zj, Lj, Cj, Mj and then us in the broncoll)
  3. kroussinoffroad

    2 piece driveshaft question

    Need to come up with a rear driveshaft for the explore since i have brought it into contact with rocks a few too many times. rear shaft was extended after the SAS so getting a factory shaft is sorta outta the question current unit is 49 +/- 1/4'' Can anyone give me a rough measurement of the...
  4. kroussinoffroad

    highlift jack, in or out.

    i have ALLWAYS carried a highlift jack with me in my truck's. Now with upgrading (er. sidegrading) to the explorer from my mazda reg cab short box. i am attempting to keep it in the similare weight range. i have allready minimized alot of stuff in the truck and now it comes to the highlift. I...
  5. kroussinoffroad

    radia v.s. bias

    so lookin for others thoughts on radial v.s. bias pro's and con's is it worth 300$ more (per set) for radials?
  6. kroussinoffroad

    wheel/spindle bearing grease adapter

    So in my journey of allways trying to further waterproof my rig I came across this nifty tool for yota's. I dont see why somthing couldnt be easily fabricated to grease the spindle bearings on our axles (35/44/10 bolt whatever). Also could make somthing that threaded on in the same fashion to...
  7. kroussinoffroad

    3rd gen ranger on late model bronco 2 frame

    wondering if anyone knows, has seen or has links to a 3rd gen ranger body on a bronco ll frame. the only thing i have found are several gen 1 ranger bodys on broncoll frames and 1 never completed 97 ranger on a bronco ll frame. there is a parts truck (88 bronco ll) in my yard now that is...
  8. kroussinoffroad

    Kroussin 93 Explorer build

    well here the start of the build. now 4.0 non-egr, m5od,1354M 77 HP44, 5.13 gears,open, Warn lockuts,, E.B. superflex springs, skyjacker shocks, poly front bumpstops, 1 ton steering,Ruff stuff frame side trac bar bracket, single "heckathorn" steering stabilizer rusty's "high clerance" long...
  9. kroussinoffroad

    easy cheap weld on clevis mount

    for those not wanting to order the premade weld on clevis mount all i did was found a couple of old matching recievers (i call em stingers) and took the chopsaw to em. and cut the ball mount area off. i then notched out my bumper counter sunk them in and layed a couple good beads around them...
  10. kroussinoffroad

    what all is needed

    i plan on pickin up a ford explore in a couple days. the one i'm looking at is a 94 4.0,a4ld,1354e I plan on swaping the the trans and t-case from my mazda into the explorer and vise-versa my pickup has m5od and 1354m just verifying that when swapin the computers they are the same size as they...
  11. kroussinoffroad

    mid summer drout wheelin.

    hard to tell from the pics but had less than an inch of rain all summer. with the conditions it would have been more fun wheelin on 31's than 37's most of the holes were barely up to the rim all summer. the holes that are typically truck swallowers were at least managable. most of them would...
  12. kroussinoffroad

    Weak dana 30

    well everyone says how weak dana 30's are. mind you i wheeled mine HARD on 33's and then allwinter on 37's (without failure). but aparently they cant hold up to direct impacts with rocks at high speeds. I hope all these pics work here's a try. imediatly after the axle broke it vered HARD to...
  13. kroussinoffroad

    s-10 sas and more

    Was asked by one of my long time wheelin buddies to help him build a new truck. so i got all the details of what he wanted. curved them in a slightly different direction as a trail truck shouldnt need a step ladder to get into. and off we went building. Plans are Factory 4.3 700r4 10 bolt...
  14. kroussinoffroad

    the truck's flexing B4000,B2 and K-5

    washed all the truck's today so i figured ide get some picture's off them before they get all muddy again.
  15. kroussinoffroad

    axle shim dana44 to chevy 10 bolt front ?

    this may seem like a dumb question will dana44 shims work in a chevy 10 bolt front. as in can you set up a chevy 10 bolt front using leftover shim's from a high pinon dana44? or vice-versa
  16. kroussinoffroad

    freebie section in the classified section

    i dont know how everyone else feel's but would it be possiable to add a freebie section to the classified's section. i know i have a ton of part's layin in my garage that are still VERY usefull but i dont need cluttering up my garage anymore. it's a shame to scrap them as I would be willing to...
  17. kroussinoffroad

    Avoid Extended Brake line's

    Original Poster: Kroussinoffroad I'm sure im not the first one to think of this Difficulty: 3 out of 10 Time to install: 2 hours pending on condition of original Brake line's Disclaimer: The Ranger, The Ranger Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you...
  18. kroussinoffroad

    built in box side high lift mount

    Let me just start by saying Your either gonna hate this or you gonna love this it's five to one so far with love to hate. I was sick of washing out the box of my truck so im gonna ditch the headache rack and get a tooneau cover. and then i will be able to swap out quickly for the topper when i...
  19. kroussinoffroad

    Project Dirty White Boy

    Brother in law picked up a Trail rig. 1984 B2 2.8 automatic 3.73 gears 90,xxx original miles Everything was stock and functioning when we picked this truck up. It had been in the same spot for the past 3 years. and hasnt been driven much in the past 9.we Towed the truck home and had it running...
  20. kroussinoffroad a jeep with a Bll

    after a buddies jeep died pushin him down the trail and had some fun in the old Bll and the last run of the truck (with the small tires)