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  1. general help - driving cross country

    I have looked high and low through every post. I get lots of answers about what I can do without California emissions law restrictions. Some modifications and complete rebuild but I still cannot figure out how to ask a simple question! I'm driving my truck from California to Wichita Kansas, so I...
  2. i know this is stupid but....

    How do i change my name on gf was sneaky, i jus reaIized the dumn name........please help
  3. bad timing!?!

    So my truck was running poorly, so i set the timing and it completely shut down. So I figured out the plug had to be pulled so I pulled the plug,set the timing at tdc and plugged her in and bam!!! Shes running great, problem is I have to pass smog now so I have to get catalytic converters for it...
  4. replacing my oil pan gasket

    I have a 1990 ford ranger 4x4 2.9l... I'm having trouble getting the oil pan off, what is the quickest easiest way without removing the engine or taking apart the front end?