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    So 3000 deaths worldwide. 2017 - 2018 deaths from the flu in the U.S. was 80,000. There seems to be a bit of hysteria happening about covid19....
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    Dash Removal '94

    I used an extension on the end of my 1/4" drive impact gun with a straight bit. The extension is about 16" long. It doesn't go exactly straight onto the nut but worked for me.
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    2.3L ('83-'97) Update!!! Could it be the ignition control module??!

    So the pop you got was when you tried to blip the throttle while cranking? Could be a lean fuel issue. Also you shouldn't need to touch the throttle while cranking. The computer expects the throttle to be closed while cranking. Have you checked the plugs for signs of fuel or fouling?
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    Dash Removal '94

    1/4" drive extensions and a ratchet.
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    Rear axle/wheel seals on '02 4.0 Supercab Ranger

    I could do without seasons....or maybe just have two: spring and fall.
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    Dash Removal '94

    I sure wish I had seen your post before tearing into mine!
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    There should be a "Farm-n-Garden" section on TRS

    I picked up a PoulenPro 50cc 20" bar out of Princess Auto mark down bin for $30. When I asked they said the chain was higher ed but it runs. Bought it and filed the boogers out of the chain where its slides on the bar. It runs fantastic. I already have one the same size/model so order a ripping...
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    05 Ranger SAS w/ 99 wrangler d30/8.25
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    2.3L ('83-'97) Update!!! Could it be the ignition control module??!

    What is your fuel pressure supposed to be at? Give us numbers please.
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    New computer needed. Which ones are compatible?

    Look at the first link that you posted, at the bottom of the page. I don't know if you can get around that disclaimer. Personally I think if whatever system is on the truck can meet or exceed the oem emissions targets for the year then it should be legal....but that makes too much sense for gubmint.
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    Big_eddy from alabama

    Welcome to TRS. Check out the tech section at the top of every page. One of the best on the internet.
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    How do you find what off set wheel you need .

    Yeah, its taken me awhile to learn to look what section the post is in as I'm just looking at "new posts". Also learned to check the date of the previous post/s. Can catch spammers that way.
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    98 f150 obd2 ?

    Will do. Thanks.
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    98 f150 obd2 ?

    I will check but I'm getting some info with just key on but not running. As soon as I start the engine running the reader doesn't read. Maybe the port shuts power down and the reader loses its place?
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    Typical hours on engine?

    I worked for a company doing concrete testing. A LOT of idle time.... On the engine. Not me screwing matter how much it looked like I was sleeping.
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    98 f150 obd2 ?

    I have my old 98 f150 4.6l that lost a cylinder last fall. Its been parked all winter. Put in a fresh battery and it started right up, still on 7 cylinders. I hooked up my obd2 reader and with key on it could find the type of truck and engine etc. When doing a koeo it didn't complete. IIRC...
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    Typical hours on engine?

    My new to me 2006 dodge ram 1500 has the running hours on the odometer. 4400 hours at 200,000 km (124,000 miles). Is that a normal amount of hours for that mileage?
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    Fuel issues

    Yep, me too. And an analog tachometer that you hold against a spinning crankshaft to get rpm's. I'm probably not quite as old as you but really like old tools so collect them when I can afford to.
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    Wanted 1993 ranger headlight switch socket

    Well, @Uncle Gump Thanks for the virtual cuff on the head. Got one ordered thru a local parts place for $18. PS local ford dealer didn't have one but price was well north of $100.
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    Wanted 1993 ranger headlight switch socket

    Well, hell, who knew the internet would have such Thanks for the heads up.