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  1. grey ghost

    under hood wiring

    did ford use two difrent wire harnesses for their trucks?:icon_confused: i got the factory fog light switch and installed it inside the cab when i went pooking around under the hood i noticed that i didn't have the plugs anywere for the fog lights and then looking in the master fuse panel under...
  2. grey ghost

    exploror parts?

    after putting my fog lights in my ranger i have an extra rear wiper control and a rear window defroster switch out of an exploror that i got when i did my radio trim change on my ranger. i was wondering how much of a demand these were or what to do with them? having a ranger their worthless to...
  3. grey ghost

    unknown wires?

    i got a trim peice for the radio out of an explorer and there was a plug right above the left sig lighter that wasn't used in the 2 wheel drive model. it's a grey plug with a black,red with black stripe ,white with blue stripe and white with red stripe. my question is... is this plug for the 4x4...
  4. grey ghost

    reese hitch

    i scored a free reese hitch from my step brother today.:yahoo: my question is the hitch is the universal type part #37042. my question is since he took it off of a dodge dakota what suprises will i encounter trying to put this hitch on my '04 ranger? thanks in advance for any onfo......grey ghost
  5. grey ghost

    teaser shot for hazmat

    well hazmat one of your insane photoshop creations came to life. i'll post a better pic after i get it out of the garage and put the wheels back on..:yahoo: :beer::icon_cheers: to hazmat ,,,thanks buddy
  6. grey ghost

    3rd brake light ideas

    i'm looking for ideas on something i could use as a third brake light on a fiberglass cap? the back window has the privacy glass in it and i'm afraid it would be to dark to mount one inside and didn't want something stupid looking. i'm not afraid to drill some holes i can seal them up with some...
  7. grey ghost

    yard sale find..

    ok time for the flaming but i found a leer cap in someone's yard for $50 it has the privacy glass sliding side and front windows. and the big suprise the shocks or struts on the back door actually holds the rear door open.:yahoo: and i have keys for the lock. sadly it was supose to be on a gen 3...
  8. grey ghost

    getting a job as an escort

    ok before the jokes start i'd like to explain. my little brother has been hired to escort mobile homes this spring and really wants a ranger. {no suprize on that} my question is there anybody on here that does this for a living and could offer some advice as to what he should be looking...
  9. grey ghost

    December 2008 STOTM Winner - rwenzing

    congratuations :icon_cheers:
  10. grey ghost


    i have a 2004 bare bones "stock" ranger and i would like to drop the back to have that " level " look and was wondering what the best way would be to acheve this look? thanks for any advice..:icon_cheers:
  11. grey ghost

    broken ribs

    i managed to get 4 of my ribs broke tonight :icon_surprised: now i'm destaned to the couch for a week or so and i'm allready going crazy. any body else ever had broken ribs and what did you do while you were healing up?
  12. grey ghost

    we may need to change the way we post

    here's something for everyone that uses this website to think about. we post in the garage section and put not safe for work ,not safe for kids. which is fine for the users that have singed up with a user name or any guest exept no one has thought of the kids that read this . i'm not talking...
  13. grey ghost

    help needed

    i unpluged all the eletrical stuff when i was working on my deer damage and have my airbag wires unpluged so i can paint stuff without getting overspray on them and looking like a 2 year old did the work. my question is will the lights on the dash throw codes or if i have the battery unpluged...
  14. grey ghost

    insurance clames

    has anyone ever had to deal with the insurance company for dear damage when they had their truck fianced? i hit a deer yesterday and reported it to my insurance company. i was wondering if the option of fixing it my self would still be be considered? in the past the insurance company would...
  15. grey ghost


    just wanted to see what people thought of what i've done so far? ...this is what it looked like shortly after bringing it home from the dealer... .................panted grill, trs windshield banner, .................. parts in garage waiting to be used include: xlt door panels,radio surround...
  16. grey ghost


    i was wondering if anyone on here has done any repair work on atv's? i bought a 1994 yamaha timberwolf at a yardsale this fall for $75.00 it had a snowplow that my step dad wanted to replace the ine he trashed when he droped a tree on it...{don't ask}.. what i've found out about this thing is...
  17. grey ghost

    it's a sad day in our little town

    it sertanly hits home when this hapens after 93 years.
  18. grey ghost

    small brigs engine

    help , i have a snowblower that's been sitting for allmost 2 years now and tried to get it running tonight. i found the carb full of gumed up old gas { as i expected}. i took the carb apart and cleaned what i could and reasembled it put fresh gas in the tank and presto it started on the second...
  19. grey ghost

    avator can someone change the size of this picture so i can use it as my Avatar ?
  20. grey ghost

    Grill Modifications

    i know about the grill modification in the tech libary. my question is has anyone tried this mod on a gen 4 or an 2004 style grill? to my knowledge the "gutter gard" isn't wide enough to fill the grill the way it's made now and i was wondering what i could use to make one that would give me...