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  1. Mightyfordranger


    Anyone else struggle with it? I cant set one goal and stick with it. I cant get out of bed in the morning even though my mind races with all the things that need done around the house. Then when I have time to do something I cant think of what it was that I needed to do, which just makes it...
  2. Mightyfordranger

    2.5L ('98-'01) garbage 2.5l

    So recently I picked up a 99 ext cab 5spd 2wd 2.5 truck. With a bad rear end. For 500$. Which wasn't an issue cause I had a good rear end from my old 98 ranger same truck but wrecked in the front. I swapped the axles and fixed some exhaust probs it was broke right at the collector. Made a...
  3. Mightyfordranger

    i wonder

    I'm just lookin for something to BS about, so here's my parts collection list. 1. A 70s ford 302 2. Whatever the 4spd was in the 70s but 4x4 3. A mated 205 t case 4. A divorced 205 case 5. D44 and 9in 6. 1.9l VW TDI motor 7. A 4.0 sohc motor 8. M5od r1 HD 9. D35 ttb axle 10. An 8.8 11. An aod...
  4. Mightyfordranger

    Cool youtube show

    Found this one on youtube awhile back even has a ranger in it.
  5. Mightyfordranger

    Mazda vs ford ranger differences.

    I know there has to be a page here that shows the differences between Mazda rangers and ford rangers across the years. I'm looking to pick up a 1998 mazda b4000 but I need it to build ranger parts off of them. So can anyone lend a hand in finding this page I looked high and low.
  6. Mightyfordranger

    ring and pinon options??

    so im putting a D35 in my b2 and It has a 3:45 gear in it right now, but the D35 pig has 3:55 gears. so my question is where can I find 3:45 gears for the D35? or will I have to regear the rear end to match the D35 instead.
  7. Mightyfordranger

    Dang social media

    So im a memeber of a few ranger groups on face book, and it seems that not too many people on there know about TRS. It gets frustrating sometimes because they ask a large amount of questions that could be answered by a quick google search. Or by joining us here and its kinda sad because we could...
  8. Mightyfordranger

    1987 ranger part out.

    Im parting out my old project 87. Its shown in my profile pic. Its got a v8 swap in it ill be pulling the motor and trans soon for now just let me know what u want the trans is an aod rebuilt unit still all nice and shiny with no miles on it. Im currently working on a d35 swap in my b2 so once...
  9. Mightyfordranger

    Aussie lockers. And where to buy one

    Whats up guys im lookin to buy me a Aussie locker cause i hear they are one of the better lunchbox lockers out there its goin in my d35
  10. Mightyfordranger

    D35 tear down prob

    So im tearing down a d35 i picked up gettin ready to swap in and what not. But that bolt on spindle hub is stuck on and wont let go and i cant get the radius arm bolts loose this is the driverside half. Im trying to get the diff out to regear it. Any ideas??
  11. Mightyfordranger


    anyone on here ever run a megasquirt setup on their boosted 2.3 or otherwise??. I am curious about how well they work reliable or not and how easy are they to tune.
  12. Mightyfordranger

    what to build??

    ok so heres the deal I want to be at the trail ride next year. That being said I have two options on what I can build for this purpose. 1. I have a really straight a clean 1st gen ranger with a little 2.3 its a great driver. I was going to swap a dana 30 in it and run a Sammy T case. 2. my...
  13. Mightyfordranger

    Dana 35 ttb forsale 100$

    I have a whole dana 35 mounting brackets and all came out of a 91 ranger with a 4.0 gears are unkown. In akron ohio ish
  14. Mightyfordranger

    Funky 2.3 high idle

    So buddie of mine has a 1990 2.3 2wd 5 spd. And itll hold 3k on the tach untill u hit the brake pedal then itll come down to like 1k. Now im thinkin a bad vac leak some where. But idk where to look first. The iac?? Or give it the ole propane test right off??
  15. Mightyfordranger

    Clattery 2.3

    Its been awhile since i have last been on here but its good to see the place is still going and looking better than ever!! Anyway my dd 88 2wd ranger with a 2.3 is making some very angry noises. But its only does it around 2000 to 2500 rpm. I kind of sounds like a lose rocker arm rattle its...
  16. Mightyfordranger

    Ever seen this happen??

    This is whats left of a sparkplug Sent while eating tacos
  17. Mightyfordranger

    Mechanical tdi's

    Hey everyone i found a guy who builds mechanical injection pumps for ALH block tdi's ONLY. I found him on facebook i think this could be helpful to us on here and allow a few of us to do diesel tdi swaps. The guy is overseas and ill be ordering one next week the only wants 400$ shipped for...
  18. Mightyfordranger

    Turn signal took a crap

    The turn signal in my 88 dd stopped working yesterday. Now i k ow this has been a reoccuring issue on these trucks as old as they are. Anyone got any ideas on where to look first? Sent while eating tacos
  19. Mightyfordranger

    Dually ranger Check this out guys Sent while eating tacos
  20. Mightyfordranger

    1988 2.3 eng management

    Im looking for info on whats this style efi has like maf or map i no there's a iac and o2 sensor but how does it measure tge air commin in?? Sent while eating tacos