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  1. 97RangerXLT

    What Are You Listening To???

    Joan Jett er Green Day
  2. 97RangerXLT

    Shop heat....

    I second the Rocket Mass heater. that is a definite winner in the frozen north :) AJ
  3. 97RangerXLT

    What was your 1st car?

    if you have a license plate, you can do a carfax. if it is scrapped the carfax will come back with a hit on it. Not sure how far the carfax database will take an expired plate, but that might get you somewhere. it won't tell you where it is exactly, but will tell you how many owners it has...
  4. 97RangerXLT

    Forced to the dark side

    Probably giving him a Hemi-roid right about now.... AJ
  5. 97RangerXLT

    No rear end Expo.

    Hobbit Hole. AJ
  6. 97RangerXLT


    I bought a set of Bilstein shocks for the front off of Rock auto... 65 bucks each... will get the rears in a few months lol. These will be replacing the original Billsteins that were put on the truck from the factory in 1997... they have 192k on them, I am more than certain they are at the end...
  7. 97RangerXLT

    No rear end Expo.

    grab an axle out of a junkyard and bolt it to the leafs. make sure to get a few tires as well for the axle. number one, you got the axle you need, and number two all you need to do is bolt it in place, you don't have to hook the drive shaft for the tow. so 200 or so for axle and wheels, or...
  8. 97RangerXLT

    Questions about the possible Courier

    I think Ford would do better with an Escape/ Transit based truck for the Courier... and have optional awd. Fleetwise, that would be a win. fairly cheap if you go the "S" trim level, and my guess is that they could price it under 15k. Not all fleets need totally enclosed trucks like the...
  9. 97RangerXLT

    A couple of vintage B2 videos...

    I saw FiFi in person a few years ago when it flew in to Indy. got to go on board and look things over. If you had real money you could get a ride on it, but that ranged from 600 to 2000 dollars depending on what seat you were in. I do have a video of it flying in and landing. Awesome plane...
  10. 97RangerXLT

    Spare PATS Key Programming - I Need Help Please

    are your two working keys different keys? if one is a clone of the other then you won't be able to program new keys. AJ
  11. 97RangerXLT


    There is a story in this comment I am sure of it...Do tell AJ
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    yeesh.... glad you are ok. Hopefully you can get a new seatbelt/ pretensioner at the junkyard fairly cheap. you probably want to replace both the retractable side and the hook up side, as the pretensioner probably stretched the seatbelt itself. Or ditch the HHR and get another Escape :) AJ
  13. 97RangerXLT

    ATV snow plow opinion?

    Lol funny story.. Ok background... My dad bought a brand new Craftsman 24 inch two stage snow blower with optional electric start back in early 2000s and gave me his old early 80s vintage 2 cycle Jacobsen that usually took 40 yanks of the recoil to start, and usually started first pull if the...
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    we have something similar in Fishers IN... the Geese Police. my previous job had an issue with them attacking people walking up to the building, and there was a large water retention pond in the back. The Geese Police consisted of a woman, a border collie, and a radio control boat, and a...
  15. 97RangerXLT

    Forced to the dark side

    My wife's definition of a truck: if you aren't willing to put a load of manure in the back of it, it is not a truck. She is not wrong... AJ
  16. 97RangerXLT

    Forced to the dark side

    My Old Plymouth Ain't Runnin' Dodge- drips oil drops grease everywhere (dead on accurate for the 2009 Charger we had...) Ford For Off Road Driving
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    needs bigger tires. How big of a tire can I fit in a stock Ranger without lift? AJ
  18. 97RangerXLT

    Trolled By Ford

    And the Ranger with the 4.0 and manual at the time put out more power to weight than that 454 SS... AJ
  19. 97RangerXLT

    Forced to the dark side

    you need to build a bigger trebuchet...that Honda can be someone else's problem if you fling it far enough. AJ
  20. 97RangerXLT

    Fuel Gauge Reads Full Always

    the other option that might be your issue is the float in the sender unit in the tank might be stuck on top after fill up. take the truck down a bumpy road and see if that fixes it. or take a rubber hammer and whack the fuel tank a few times. Try this first before messing witht he cluster AJ