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  1. rangerpimpn84

    clutch pedal goes rock hard help!!!!!!

    Well i go to push the clutch in and the pedal goes rock hard. i pump its fine. it did this to me this spring then it stopped. now it wants to start this again what should i do and what do you guys think is wrong????????
  2. rangerpimpn84

    Hey all the new york guys !!!!!!

    Well i keep seeing all these other regions and states get together and have a lil fun but never new york members. Is there any new york guys that would like to get together befor the end of summer. it would be cool to meet some of you guys from the area that are as into your trucks as i am. Plus...
  3. rangerpimpn84

    mustang sun roof on a ranger

    I have had this idea for awhile and i have never installed a sun roof in any vehicle bfor. Whats involved in this installation? My buddy wants this done on his s10 also so if any one can help it would much appreciated every one :icon_welder:
  4. rangerpimpn84

    new need some help

    The problem with these trucks when you do an axle flip is you only have bout 1.5 to 2 inches of clearance between the axle and bump stops. there are 2 options notch the frame or deal wit bottoming out when driving on rough roads. I ran into this problem also when hauling my buddies blaster. im...
  5. rangerpimpn84

    How long has it taken you to lower your truck?

    It only took me and my ranger buddy josh 6 hrs front and back. The whole job shouldve taken 4 but we had to reverse the shackle flip and he had never dropped a truck ever. I couldnt have the ranger riding on bump stops in the back. I never thought that i would be that low. Needless to say im...
  6. rangerpimpn84

    lowering ranger question.

    i just did the hanger and shackle flip on my 95 shorty and it gave me more like 3 in da back and its still not enough. do the axle flip also then u will b happy. i can say one thing for it and that is holy s$#t does she take corners great now!
  7. rangerpimpn84

    80 in 3rd gear slammed 4th and thats when it happened

    well as i said bfor thats when it happened. my truck has a low growl with a squeeking noise from the rear and it also has a clicking and poppn noise also. i noticed a couple of weeks ago the low growl but it went away. the squeeking and clickn noise comes and goes but the growl happens at 40 mph...
  8. rangerpimpn84

    my motor mount on the ds is being a pain.

    hey guys im in the process of replacing my motor mount on the drivers side of my 95 2.3 well i have a problem right now i got the top nut free and am tryn to get at the lower nut. thats where im stuck i cant get at it to break free and take off. i saw theres a mount for this mount and i was...
  9. rangerpimpn84

    2.3 Lima

    yea diesels are another breed of animals. a simple reprogram will make them like king kong. i though t id ask.
  10. rangerpimpn84

    2.3 Lima

    so pretty much what u r saying is we havent even touch the real capability of the lima or the dura tech. If this is the case we ultimately change the performance of these motors. but with that being stated talkn and doin r 2 diff things do to knowledge of the programs and access ability to these...
  11. rangerpimpn84

    Relocate tailgate handle?

    yea u guys r lucky cuz thats the biggest reason why arent together ne more hehe. but i love my truck and hobby more than ne other girl so w.e. like i tel them when i meet them my truck and my truck come first so if u can deal wit it then we are good. now i live in the sticks where girls think...
  12. rangerpimpn84

    2.3 Lima

    well i have a 95 lima and id rather have it than the dura tech. Newer isnt always better and older to me is. ive beat the hell outta my lima and knock on wod it keeps taken it like a lil bitch it is. I have to agree with every one one the shifting thing also. As far as the more power thing i...
  13. rangerpimpn84

    2.3 duratec engine max speed limiter

    so can my lil 2.3 take that all day to.cuz a 2.5 is just a stroked 2.3
  14. rangerpimpn84

    95 reg seat rail question

    Hey everybody i have a 95 reg cab and i was wondering whats involved in boltn my seat directly to the floor and eliminating the seat rails????
  15. rangerpimpn84

    Insane Rake

    so what u r saying sky4life is that we need new coils and in my case shocks to then right
  16. rangerpimpn84

    2.3 duratec engine max speed limiter

    i dont even have a tach in mine but i want one. ive hit the rev limiter except for sittn at the res light gettn ready to dust an import lol.
  17. rangerpimpn84

    Relocate tailgate handle?

    haha i agree with ya on that doorgunner. my ex gf's mom used to pick on me for drivn an old truck that i keep dumpn money into. it was always the argument buy/lease a new car that i have to pay for and keep stock or keep my ranger that i know whats wrong with it. so what did i do o u already...
  18. rangerpimpn84

    just a thought, do they make a supercharger for 2.3s

    i had an idea for thought, wouldnt that cool as shit to have supercharged 2.3. i think i saw a thread on this but couldnt remember.
  19. rangerpimpn84

    2.3 duratec engine max speed limiter

    i would have to agree on that. these trucks r very unstable at high speeds. unless u drop them down 3-4 inches in the rear. another 3 in the front.
  20. rangerpimpn84

    Relocate tailgate handle?

    ne low rider slash project like ours is a money pit. dude i just spent a 1000 on mine this winter and its not even lowered yet. but im also tryn to rebuild it to.