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  1. 97RangerXLT

    Guess what I am doing this summer?

  2. 97RangerXLT

    Osmosis Jones, anyone seen it?

    Saw this movie yesterday.. I gotta say, this movie reminds me a lot of Dirtman lol it has Bill Murray in it, but don't watch it expecting an oscar worthy performance lol. Storyline Frank Detorre is a slovenly zoo keeper, and simple...
  3. 97RangerXLT

    Genius winter driving hack for truck owners

    I gotta say this guy is on to something, but I don't think there is much room between the back bumper and the spare tire on my Ranger... judging from the photo, this looks like an early Dodge Dakota with the 8 ft bed Keeps the bed free as well. AJ
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    ok so I went to a chiropractor today

    I have been having some weird intermittent back pain for a few months and decided to get it checked out... She asked me if I had ever been beat up by a girl before... and then proceeded to contort me into a pretzel and jump on top of me. (not in *that* way you pervs) I don't know what kind of...
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    Very nicely done Resto-Mod

    1961 Ford F100 Mustang GT motor and Ford Ranger dash/ steering wheel. I gotta say, they did a good job. they even made the extensions to the Ranger dash look somewhat natural, but I think I would have made a...
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    Recovery points on your Ranger

    This could come in handy on the trail ride this weekend. AJ
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    Size of the castle nuts for both the tie rod ends and the linkage to the pitman arm

    What are the sizes, and where do you get the bastards? the hex nut I believe is 21mm, but what is the thread count and pitch, and what is the bolt/ stud size? my local Autozone does not carry any castlenuts in their hardware section. I don't see them online at Tractor Supply either, they just...
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    Today in 1981 MTV debuted to "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles.

    Let us now celebrate 18 years of music videos from MTV!! AJ
  9. 97RangerXLT

    How brake pads are made (Ranger /B series specifically)

    Worth the watch. Chris Fix has other good Ranger b series repairs on his channel as well AJ
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    Coil Bucket replacement 1997 Ranger 4x4

    looks like I broke a coil bucket on the passenger side. are the 4x4 buckets different than the 4x2 buckets? I seem to remember that they are, but I found an online supplier that says they are the same...
  11. 97RangerXLT

    I like the new look

    I notice a few new faces, havent been online in a while. Work, Wife, and Kid have been keeping me more than busy... I did get new 31" tires for my Ranger tho. it looks and rides great :) AJ
  12. 97RangerXLT

    weird shuddering or groaning when applying brakes

    97 Ranger. Brakes were done in April 2016, rotors, pads and wheel bearings and all new hardware. brakes work fine, I doublechecked the pads and rotors, they are fine, and the noise doesn't happen all the time, it is mostly at the end of the stop. putting on the brakes at speeds higher than...
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    Netflix series "The Ranch"

    for those of you that have Netflix. i recommend The Ranch. Story is about a cattle ranch in a rural area of Colorado. Sam Elliot, Debra Winger, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson (That 70s show Kelso and Hyde) Pretty good show, Ashton Kutcher pulls off the role of an idiot fairly well. Danny...
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    Hey all y'all...

    Merry Christmas! AJ
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    Ok guys... who is going down to Southern IL for the Eclipse?

    Monday August 21st, who is going down to the Carbondale/ Ferne Clyffe state park area to view the eclipse? AJ
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    A great helpful video for us Ranger B series owners

    E6GsXhBb10k You are welcome. AJ
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    Carrie Fisher Dead at 60 AJ
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    Merry Christmas to all of you!

    No other message, just Merry Christmas. AJ
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    On Car Talk: AJ
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    Temp guage going wild

    Noticed this coming home from work. the temp gauge would peg itself on H and then immediately drop down to the middle range (where it's supposed to be) but then spike to full hot. this was especially noticeable at highway speeds, once i was going 30 or slower it seemed to be ok, but would...