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  1. Thinking about buying this truck

    Has any one heard anything bad about the 2008 super duty? If you gys know anything let me know Thanks:beer:
  2. Need help finding diesel parts

    Hey guys, as some of you guys now I got a 86 diesel ranger that I am working on. I am putting the drive train in my 88 but before I do that I want to rebuild/freshen up the motor. I am having a devil of a time finding parts. I knew it would be hard to find parts but I didn't think it would be...
  3. long bed to short bed???

    Hey guys, I am thinking about changing my 86 ranger to a short bed. I have a short bed 88 but it is 2 wd and the 86 is 4x4 so i can't just change the frame. has anyone done this? i looked in some of the forums but couldn't find anything. If you done it pictures would be great thanks Jeff
  4. 1986 diesel ranger

    OK here it is fresh from Ohio. I need to find some parts for it. As of right now I know I need a starter, and turbo. If anyone knows where I can get some parts let me know.
  5. Question about welding

    hey guys, I was welding a bumper on my car trailer but I keep getting holes in my weld bead. I'm using a MIG welder with solid wire and mix gas (75/25) I am using an old hunk of metal that I had laying around. I think it must have a galvanized coating on it because it is not rusty and has been...
  6. well kinda new agian

    Have been on here before but it has been a while. I have a 1988 ranger that I love it got a 4 banger but it also has over 300,000 miles on it. The reason I'm here now is I am thinking of getting a 1987 turbo diesel and wanted to know more about them. If anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate...
  7. I guess I'll have to figure things out for myself

    Well I put a post on and no one replied to even great me but hey that ok. I have done things for my self all my life. I guess what I have herd about 4 wheelers are not true after all. You guys are not a friendly bunch. I guess when I get my rig done and on the trail I will remember this and when...
  8. new and full of questions

    hey all, My name is Jeff and I live in South Carolina. I have a 1988 ford ranger that I have had since it was new. I have taken it off the road as a daily driver now I want to 4 wheel it. By the way it is a 2 wd now so I've got a lot of work to do. Thanks for your help that I know I will get. Jeff