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  1. Coolant leak and pooched front oil pan gasket

    If you are taking the motor out... I'd check your freeze plugs as well. Spark plugs are nice to check as they can tell you how an engine is running. Depending on where the front O2 sensors are placed on an 01, might want to take a peek as those too. Should be easier to access with engine out.
  2. Radiator Fan replacement?

    I bought a new fan off eBay I believe because mine was so damaged it was about to fly apart. Seems to be made of the same material as OEM and works great. Just make sure you match part numbers to the one that came with your truck if possible.
  3. 99 3.0 fan clutch

    Yup. OEM uses a 22mm wrench for the nut and the replacement I ordered from rockauto uses a 36. Works great, just a larger nut.
  4. Vacuum line question

    Very good! I suspected from the diagrams I'd looked it the line was related to climate control but not sure specifically what. I'll try to rig up a replacement line this weekend. It left about a half inch nub sticking out of the ac box side I need to rig a line around that then narrow it down...
  5. Gas Tank Size and Problem.

    In 1994 Mazda used the 19.6 gallon tank only in trucks that were extended cab(cab plus). If you had a standard sized cab, you got the 17 gallon tank that most rangers had. Based on your sig I don't know which one you have. As to your problem follow the fuel system. You said you replaced the...
  6. 99 3.0 fan clutch

    When you go to replace your fan clutch make sure that for the new one that you order that you have the right size wrench to install it. I replaced mine and the new clutch has a much larger nut on it than the OEM one. I had to order a 36mm wrench just for the fan clutch. Bonus is that now I...
  7. Lower Intake Manifold Bolt

    I know your pain. When I was rebuilding the top of my block I didn't have any of the lower intake bolts either. They are as I recall metric M8x1.25x40 bolts or something close to that. My solution was to order a set of metric bolts that fit those specs from a metric bolt supply house. I...
  8. Vacuum line question

    When I first got my truck I found that I had a rotted vacuum line that went from a plastic pill capsule shaped container on the passenger side of the engine on top of the ac box down to a T of vacuum lines. The line has a very small diameter and I didn't have the right size hose so I capped it...
  9. Idle speed 94 3.0 5 speed

    I've done some research on this but I can't confirm what a 94 3.0 5 speed is supposed to be idling at when running on closed loop and warmed up. My truck idles at 750 rpm. Is there a spec sheet I can read that will have this information?
  10. Hissing sound while at highway speed

    So I noticed during a test drive last night that when in 5th gear at highway speed I have a rather loud hissing noise coming from what sounds like behind the center dash. It is linked to the accelerator. when I let off the gas and coast it goes away completely. I don't believe it to be a...
  11. Timing marks on the block for ignition timing

    I am familiar. However the timing marks don't even stretch across 90 degrees of the balancer. They run from 0 (TDC) to I think 35 BTDC. That's it. It's rare but the outer ring of a balancer can separate from the rubber layer between the iron rings and slip. Eventually I will replace the...
  12. Mystery knocking sound after rebuilding the top end

    So it turns out why I couldn't get the timing sorted was that the outer ring of the harmonic balancer has slipped, so the timing marks on it are no good. The backfire and clacking noise was a rocker that was loose enough that the pushrod it was supposed to be attached to was just sitting there...
  13. Timing marks on the block for ignition timing

    So I never was able to find out if there is a specific mark in the yellow area that I painted in the pic. However the issue with my timing was that my harmonic balancer outer ring has slipped so the timing marks are effectively useless at the moment.
  14. 94 ford ranger part out oil city Pa area

    Is the fuel filler neck in decent shape? If so, how much?
  15. 3.0 has single miss after changing gears/sudden acceleration

    If you are getting a miss or bog when punching the gas or shifting it makes me think the engine computer is being a little flaky at advancing or retarding the timing then catching up. Are you still using your '93 engine computer?
  16. Timing marks on the block for ignition timing

    I'm about to go insane trying to set the timing right on my 1994 B3000. Can someone who has owned one please verify if what I took a picture of is the timing mark? If so, how do I read it? I thought tonight that I put cylinder 1 at 10 degrees BTDC and lined the dizzy up but the truck won't start.
  17. Mystery knocking sound after rebuilding the top end

    Did some checking last night. I thought the timing was a bit off so I started working on that with a timing light and indeed saw it was off. Wasn't able to finish before I had to wrap up for the day. Question for everyone. When I line the 0 mark on the balancer up with the small blade to the...
  18. Mystery knocking sound after rebuilding the top end

    Figured out the pop issue I think. I looked over the engine and found a loose spark wire on the plug side and a few wires that were not seating on the cap side. Still need to address the knock from the valvetrain though. I'll dig into that next weekend and report back.
  19. Mystery knocking sound after rebuilding the top end

    Reasonably sure. When I took it apart last time I marked the wire that went to cylinder 1 so I had a point of reference when it came time to install the wires again. Could have that wrong I suppose...
  20. MLS or Composite Head Gaskets?

    Informative post as usual Ron. Thank you!