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  1. metalmacguyver

    Crew cab build: 4x4 conversion and gear vendors install.

    I know it has been a while since I have been on here much but life gets in the way of fun sometimes. I have been planning this build for about a year and a half since I got this truck. I have several guide lines for this project. I want to maintain or improve my ride quality. I want to use as...
  2. metalmacguyver

    Playing in the rocks and the woods in New Hampshire.

    Went wheeling this weekend at a sick piece of private property. Started out with some trail maintenance. My buddy dragging in some logs to build an open top culvert. This thing was handy. A Mog with a bucket on it. That little project finished. We did some other stuff but enough of...
  3. metalmacguyver

    Earth Day Clean Up - Taunton, MA Sat. April 24, 2010

    The wheeling club that I am in is organizing a clean up for earth day. Anyone that wants to show up and meet me and alot of other cool people that want to make a difference in the environment and hopefully change some peoples views of "destructive offroaders" for the better. The South Shore...
  4. metalmacguyver

    Very cool car hauler.

    Start watching this video at the 4:15 mark. My jaw hit the floor when i saw this.
  5. metalmacguyver

    New ride

    1994 F350 Crew cab dually 2wd 7.3PSD ZF5. Awesome condition. It was a southern truck so it has almost no rust. It was also used for a number of years to tow a boat trailer for a crew team so it didnt get used much in the winter. And something to add to it in not too long.
  6. metalmacguyver

    A nice saturday trip.

    I have got more pics and videos coming too!
  7. metalmacguyver

    Metalmac out having some fun

    These power lines are legal to wheel on. I am in a club and our club is a member of an organization that has worked very hard to secure permission to use this and other properties for recreational purposes. Thanks for looking. This video is...
  8. metalmacguyver

    Crappy weekend

    Well, I had been looking forward to this trip to Maine for a while. We left at about 1030 Thursday night, got there by 4:00 in the morning, got up at about 9:00 and went out to play a bit. Stopped to take a look at some waterfalls. Then a small water crossing. And then after some more...
  9. metalmacguyver

    F250 SAS----Ultimate tow rig

    I recently picked up a 1993 F250 diesel to use as a tow rig and a daily driver until i can get my ranger back on the road. Inevitably I find myself wanting to build it up a little bit better. I just didnt think it would happen this quickly. Specs. 7.3L N/A IDI diesel ZF 5spd BW1356 manual...
  10. metalmacguyver

    My new DD/tow rig since my ranger's motor blew up.

    I have been keeping my eyes open for a tow rig for my ranger and it just happened that I found this on Craigslist right after a rod let go on my ranger. SPECS 1993 F250 7.3L IDI non-turbo diesel ZF5 manual transmission :headbang: 3.55 gears CD player Hitch Electric trailer brake controller...
  11. metalmacguyver

    Buying a used deisel.......

    Well yesterday my truck blew the motor. I was just driving down the road and bang! :icon_surprised: I have no oil pressure.:dunno: So I pull over to the side of the road, take a look under, see oil pouring out :bawling:, and promptly call AAA to get towed home. While waiting for the tow I pull...
  12. metalmacguyver

    Wheeling last weekend, Rollover video!!!!

    Went wheeling up in southern NH this past weekend. Definately some of the hardest stuff I have ever tried. Its the typical mix of New England mud, rocks and trails but what these guys that cut the trails did was absolutely amazing! Well, the first thing that my friend john went and did was roll...
  13. metalmacguyver

    Fullsize Bronco recovery pictures.

    Did this a while back when my truck was stock with 32" BFG ats on it. There was a guy that told me about a fullsize bronco out in the woods somewhere. He said I would never get it out............ I will let the pictures do the talking. And once it was out of the swamp...
  14. metalmacguyver

    Help me ID this wheel?

    I have spent 3 hours looking through magazines,, and google trying to ID this type of wheel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently picked up a set of these with 35" BFG MTs on them for 400 bucks. I plan on selling the wheels to make my money back...
  15. metalmacguyver

    Nice ranger for sale.... Any one we know?

    I found this on a local forum. The guy's forum name is Dan Sta. * 4.0 L engine * Borg Warner T-5 re-manufactured transmission built to world class specification in 2006. o Wide ratio transmission CJ gear set 4.03:1 first gear. o New Process 231 with Terra Low Kit 4:1 low range. o Slip...
  16. metalmacguyver

    I need a lift kit......

    For my new welder. :headbang::headbang::headbang::icon_twisted:
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  18. metalmacguyver

    Had a great weekend. No new dents.

    After attending a meeting with my clubs president for the NEA, The club that hosted the meeting had wheeling afterwards that they exclusivly have permission to wheel on. One of the members of the hosting club offered to make his shop available should anyone break...