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  1. kennykenny

    Gen 2 Explorer Frame Width?

    Can anyone tell me how wide the frame is on a Gen 2 Explorer just behind the front bumper? Outside to outside? Thanks in advance.
  2. kennykenny

    Worlds Most Expensive Car Crash
  3. kennykenny

    Grade 8 Hardware

    I have a Superlift 4" kit I bought used with no hardware and I'm finally getting around to putting everything together and I have a complete list of hardware needed to assemble everything. Now my question is does anyone know of a good place to buy grade 8 hardware at a decent price? My local...
  4. kennykenny

    AGR pump atf or power steering fluid?

    I know the steering uses mercon. However I just got an AGR pump to replace my dead saginaw pump and in the instructions it comes with it specifies to use strictly PSF and not ATF. What should I use? I re-read and it says "Use only clear, name brand, premium, racing or synthetic power steering...
  5. kennykenny

    November Trail Ride NJ

    You guys know the drill, lets agree on a date.
  6. kennykenny

    1354E parts interchangeability?

    Wondering if you can take a new style CV front yoke and put it on an old U-joint style case? Also is the rear output yoke different on the two cases?
  7. kennykenny

    Driver and Passenger side cv axles same length?

    Wondering if anyone could tell me if the driver and passenger side cv's are the same length, minus the inner portion that goes into the diff housing. Wondering if I would be able to take a passenger side cv, separate the inner-most section and just swap it with the inner-most section of a...
  8. kennykenny

    Crappy slave cylinders

    I have a '98 3.0 4x4. I've owned the truck just over 4 years now and have put probably 4-5 slaves in it. Everytime they just start leaking after some use. It gets wheeled about once a month and always gets cleaned very well afterwards. I always make sure there isn't any mud in the...
  9. kennykenny

    Pine Barrens Cleanup

    Found this over on Pirate. Anyone doing it? 9th ANNUAL PINE BARRENS CLEANUP at WHARTON STATE FOREST 9 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 more to go and we've all done this for a DECADE!!!!!!!! Come and take part in the largest one-day volunteer event at Wharton State Forest in New Jersey. On...
  10. kennykenny

    October Wheeling South Jersey

    Alright guys, lets pick a date.
  11. kennykenny

    South Jersey Wharton Run 8-1-10

    Here's what I took with my phone, I'm sure the other guys will post up some more. First two pictures are what I was looking at sitting in the first hole I went through.
  12. kennykenny

    South Jersey Summer wheeling?

    It's been a few months since our last trip out and it's time for another. Lets here some ideas.
  13. kennykenny

    Need help finding a vacuum diagram

    I was having the notorious "everything blows out the defroster" problem, so I pulled a few vacuum lines and bypassed a thing or two to find the problem. I got the vents working the way they should but now I'm not getting anything but hot air. In order for me to further diagnos my problem I...
  14. kennykenny

    South Jersey Trail Ride April???

    Ok by now you know the drill, the dates been narrowed down to Sunday April 18 or Sunday April 25. 70/72 circle at the Wawa at 10 A.M. Let's hear some opinions on the date.
  15. kennykenny

    South Jersey Trail Ride March???

    Well it's that time again, let's pick a date for a March trail ride. Post up.
  16. kennykenny

    South Jersey Trail Ride February???

    I know a few of us have discussed getting a trail ride together sometime in Feb. Well the time is closing in and I figured we could see when/where is good for everyone. Hopefully this is enough notice for most of you guys. Post up if you have a specific day/weekend that you can or cannot make it...
  17. kennykenny

    Newest version of my rear bumper (56K forget about it)

    I posted finished pics in the "let's see your bumpers" thread but I know how everyone loves to see pictures (I know I do). On to the build pics... This was the first bumper I built, I wasn't satisfied so I cut into it and changed up it's look. I welded the both sides of the 2x2 and 2x4...
  18. kennykenny

    6 wheel drive anyone?
  19. kennykenny

    Explorer 8.8 into Ranger Parking brake troubles

    This weekend I finally got around to putting my disc brake 8.8 into my ranger. Everything went smooth as I had expected and when I got it all together the only problem I'm having is with my parking brake, I used the rear most sections of the explorer cables and connected it to my ranger cable...
  20. kennykenny

    3.0 seems to run rich and rough

    Alright, I'm going to try not to forget anything here. It is a 98 Ranger 3.0 5spd. I put in an 04 3.0 with only ~40 thousand miles reusing all my old sensors and swapping intake/fuel parts to reuse all of my 98 parts so it would just be plug and play...wrong. It all went back together...