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  1. alwaysFlOoReD

    Wanted 1993 ranger headlight switch socket

    The socket behind the dash that the headlight switch hooks into. Mine is melted, both of them!... Shipped to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
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    Catalytic Converter - good or no good ?

    I remember @adsm08 talking about cats. IIRC the dual and triple cats were because the 2 cats each removed different parts of the emissions.
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    Fuel issues

    There is NOT an idle adjustment screw! There is an anti-diesel screw which should not be touched. There is a couple recent threads that have the procedure for setting the TPS back to factory stock. @RonD has described the procedure in other threads. Search... When the TPS is set properly then...
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    No power

    Do you have a multi meter? Check the wires from the fuse block to the outlets.
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    swapping 2.9 l wiyh 4cyl.

    On the automatic transmission there is a valve on the outside of the case near the back on passenger side. There is a vacuum line that runs from the valve up to the intake manifold. If the diaphragm breaks then trans fluid gets up into the motor. (Having a brain fart moment and can't remember...
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    Weird...just went and looked at my 93 2.3l 2wd and couldn't find a sticker on any b-pillar or door, and nothing under the hood either. There was a calibration sticker on the drivers b-pillar. No sign of the sticker ever being on the truck.
  7. alwaysFlOoReD

    swapping 2.9 l wiyh 4cyl.

    I think his truck is an 86 2.9l/auto 4x4. He wants to swap in a 94 2.3l/manual. The manual is 2wd and he wants to know how to make it 4x4.
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    old people keep unplugging my truck

    The perfect way to get a little tingle in your dingle...
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    Maf sensor problem

    F = 199x. 0 = 0 so 1990 F = 199x. 5 = 5 so 1995 I don't know what the 7 and other F stand for but may be plant where built and type of part.
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    Maf sensor problem

    I think the last 3 numbers is a revision number. Most likely there is no difference to the running of your engine.
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    Kid With Big Aspirations!

    You have a head start on your truck...that's great!
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    Video Frame Capture

    More info; " I don’t know which equipment is used or how high quality the images are supposed to be in the end, but a video recording is of lesser quality for one thing, and dependant on the codec for another. On most cameras the video gets recorded as H.264 directly, which is nice for...
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    2.8L Power? Why is my rebuilt 2.8L so slow...

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    What was your 1st car?

    Hmmm, I will have to take a closer look at the topper on my 87 Mazda b2600. It has the gasket to the cab and as far as I can see doesn't leak. It is the first one I've seen like it.
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    Shop heat....

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    Wanted Looking for free 2.9s

    I read someone with more knowledge than me say that carbs are still better at all out horsepower, like in drag racing. But it was internet reading....
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    Forced to the dark side

    I've driven a new at the time 2017 dodge ram 5.7 hemi on hot shots to fort mac. I was getting 10l/100km (23.5 us mpg) out of it. When I first got it the average mileage was 15l/100km (15.7 us mpg). It belongs to the company owner that I was doing hotshot for. So I was expecting a little better...
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    swapping 2.9 l wiyh 4cyl.

    Does the fm146 bolt to a 2.3? His 2wd trans is out of a '94, I think those came with m5od-r1 trans so needs a 4x4 m5od-r1 for parts.
  19. alwaysFlOoReD

    Forced to the dark side

    What year is your truck?