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  1. LasPulgas

    B&M 70266 SuperCooler Automatic Transmission Cooler

    Brand new in box. 11"x 8"x 1.5" $60 shipped CONUS
  2. LasPulgas

    Mile Marker 426 Supreme Manual Hub

    Brand new in box, never installed. $75 shipped CONUS
  3. LasPulgas

    160 amp alternator

    Brand new never installed Ford Ranger 2.3/2.5/3.0/4.0L 1992-2005 Replacement Alternator, 160 amp from MCR. $90 shipped CONUS MCR Link
  4. LasPulgas

    *SPF* AIR LIFT Ride Control Rear Air Spring Kit # 59516

    This Ride Control kit, number 59516, fits the Ford Ranger, 1983 to 1994 (4-wheel drive), 1995 to 1997 (2-wheel drive), and 1998 to 2009 (2-and 4-wheel drive). It also fits the 1972 to 2009 Mazda pickup, 2-and 4-wheel drive, all models. This kit can be easily installed in around 2 hours. I was...
  5. LasPulgas

    Tire size and gearing

    I'm looking at a 1999 F250 4WD with a 7.3L diesel. The factory tire spec calls for 31.7" diameter tires. Would 35" tires warrant a differential gear change? Thanks!
  6. LasPulgas

    Explorer radiator interchangeability

    I have a 1999 Ranger 4x4 with a 4.0L and automatic transmission that I want some additional cooling for. Does anybody know if a radiator from the same year and spec Explorer will bolt right in? As in direct replacement? Thanks
  7. LasPulgas

    Factory fog lights loose

    I just bought my 1999 Ranger XLT 4x4 and I notice the fog lights just flop around loosely. It's not like they're going to fall out but there's a lot of freeplay around the adjusting screws. Is this normal? Thanks and great forum by the way! :icon_thumby: