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  1. Stuckwith97

    Wiring nightmare please help

    I don't mean to be rude have a 97 with the engine compartment wiring harness still intact but the only harness I could get was from a 93 as far as whole interior harness and all the sensors and everything that go with it but I need that to line up with a 97 engine compartment harness any advice...
  2. Stuckwith97

    Wiring nightmare please help

    Side note I have all the hookups for the interior as well.
  3. Stuckwith97

    Wiring nightmare please help

    I'm new to this site going to say I've been broke down at my house for about a month without a vehicle I have a 97 with the 3.0 it was used as a surveillance van . I want to make this too long I have a wiring harness from a 93 I got out of he junkyard. I need the mate it to the 97 engine...
  4. Stuckwith97

    I'm new and need help

    In in a foreign state I have a truck that broke down it's the only thing that the girl left me I have a wiring harness for a 93 and that's on the inside of firewall I have does the 97 harness which is already on the truck in the engine bay I need to make them any help or direction is appreciated...
  5. Stuckwith97

    Mating at firewall 97- 93 wire harness

    Need help please!! Mating a 93 main harness to a 97 3.0 motor harness
  6. Stuckwith97

    In search of wire harness

    Hello I'm new to forum I have a 97 and took the only nau. Harness I could find out if a 93 I couldn't get the engine side my question is how can I make them easy? I don't have diagrams it's been two days looking on line if I can get any help I grateful.
  7. Stuckwith97

    Mating a 97 ranger motor side harnesswith a 93 harness inside can I do it help?

    I have a 1997 aerostar I pulled the wire harness from a 93 aerostar that was all I can get I left the engine compartment harness there cuz I didn't have enough time can I make the interior 93 harness with my 97 exterior engine harness and what wires do I need to move can anybody help with...